TSREMUX HD-DVD to TS conversion HELP !

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    I use AnyDVD HD to backup my HD DVDs to harddisk on my HTPC. I then use TSREMUX to import the EVOs and remux them to TS streams which I can play directly with PowerDVD 7 Ultra. This works fine for Blu Ray titles, and picture quality is perfect on HD movies, but I get NO SOUND.

    I think the problem is the sound format being true HD.

    There is a tick box on TSREMUX to convert the True HD stream to standard DTS or DD5.1, but I can't select it.

    What am I missing, is this feature not built in yet ?!??!
  2. eclipse98

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    You can use TS Remux to import EVOs ? Very interesting, need to give it a try :agree:

    As far as True HD checkbox, it does work fine with m2ts stream. What you can try to do is demux your EVOs with EvoDemux and keep only DDPlus in your re-muxed EVOs, see sticky: http://forum.slysoft.com/showthread.php?t=11241

    This way when you import it into TS Remux you really do not need TrueHD conversion.

    HTH, Davie.
  3. mick2006

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    You can't convert the Truehd or DTS HD MA for HD DVD's with Tsremux. Just stick with the DD+ tracks and you should be fine.
  4. bc55

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    Yeah, I figured THAT out myself, BUT what if you're stuck with 3 DTS HD streams and NO DD+ streams at all .....

    None of the DTS HD streams will play ....
  5. dburckh

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  6. bc55

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    after playing around with it for a while, I cannot get it to work, Java always crashes on me.

    I have several HD DVD titles that have ONLY DTS HD or DD+ soundtrack, and I can't get ANY audio via my HTPC, soundcard to receiver via SPDIF.

    I have PowerDVD set to USE SPDIF, but I still don't get ANY audio, unless the movie has standard DD or DTS - do I need to change the SPDIF setting to 7.1 or something to get sound on those titles ?


  7. Adbear

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    I'd try demuxing the DTSHD track then extracting the DTS core then mux the DTS core audio back in and see if that works
  8. dburckh

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    Can you post the error?

    You should able to demux with eac3to and convert the DD+ to AC3. Then remux with TsMuxer manually.

    FYI: I get a little stutter when playing back with PowerDVD. ArcSoft TotalMedia played the best, but my trial expired.
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  9. bc55

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    I get a JAVA.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 2

    Latest Java is installed under Vista Home Pro.

    Your other tip was fine, I extracted the audio streams and the VC-1 stream, and tried to mux the VC-1 stream with audio track 2, but I still get only picture, no sound.

    Maybe I'm making a mistake in one of the required steps .....

    The finished TS or M2TS files play, but silent.

    Oh, and yes, I too have the slight stutter / lag on the picture stream .....

    Do you think you could maybe write me a step-by-step walkthrough ?

    Would be much appreciated !



    PS : When I drag & drop just the extracted audio stream to PowerDVD, it plays fine in 5.1 alone, but will not work when combined with a video stream .....
  10. dburckh

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    Please post the command line and the entire call stack. My guess is you didn't put anything on the command line.
  11. Mark_A_W

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    I use eac3to.exe and then mkvmerge to convert them to .mkv format.

    The video has the timestamps corrected, but is otherwise unmolested. The audio is converted losslessly to FLAC.

    ffdshow audio decoder can convert FLAC to DD for SPDIF, if you need, but I use analogue outs, as I want lossless sound unmolested.

    Playback with Zoomplayer, it works perfectly.
  12. bc55

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    No, I use the provided BATCH file called ToNMT.bat.

    It does all this :

    REM Demux Temp File Location

    SET EAC3TO_DIR=".\eac3to"
    SET TSMUXER_DIR=".\tsMuxeR"
    rem If you have the dts encoder this is probably better


    IF NOT [%2]==[] (SET OUTPUT_FILE=%2)

    ECHO %OUTPUT_FILE% exists! Please rename or remove.
    GOTO :eof

    ECHO "Could not find eac3to"
    GOTO :eof
    ECHO "Could not find TsMuxeR"
    GOTO :eof


    java -cp common.jar;muxer.jar util.ToNMT %1 %DEMUX_PREFIX% %EAC3TO_OUTPUT_TYPE%

    ECHO Demux Failed: %ERRRORLEVEL%
    GOTO :eof

    FOR /F "tokens=*" %%G IN ('type %AUDIO_CONV_NAME%') DO CALL :s_convert_audio %%G)
    REM FIXME: This doesn't work
    ECHO Audio convertsion failed: %ERRORLEVEL%
    GOTO :eof

    ECHO Muxing...

    ECHO Deleting Work Files

    DEL /p %DEMUX_PREFIX%*.*

    GOTO :eof

    rem ***************************
    rem * Audio Conversion Function
    rem ***************************
    ECHO Converting %1
    %EAC3TO_DIR%\eac3to %1 %EAC3TO_OUT%
    GOTO :eof

    I have all the needed files and directories are correct. I dunno .....
  13. bc55

    bc55 Member

    OK, this I am new at. Can you PULEEZE give me a step-by-step run-down of what to do and how to do it ?

    Also of the needed software ?

  14. bc55

    bc55 Member


    Mark_A_W ?

    Any chance for a bit more detailed run-down ?
  15. Mark_A_W

    Mark_A_W Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I missed your request.

    I'll try and do it tonight :)
  16. Mark_A_W

    Mark_A_W Well-Known Member

    But here is a short version:

    This is what I do, using eac3to.exe (Doom9) and mkvmerge, which is part of mkvtoolnix (Google).

    To see what track is what, run eac3to without an output file. So do this:

    1. Extract eac3to 2.26 (now 2.27..now 2.28..)to the top level of my G:\ (or whatever). To make the path simple.

    2. Rip Movie to the G:\

    3. Move FEATURE_1.EVO and FEATURE_2.EVO to the top level of G:\ - just to make the paths easier.

    4. Type this in CMD, at a G:\ prompt:

    eac3to.exe FEATURE_1.EVO+FEATURE_2.EVO

    It will then display the tracks, so note what they are. The TrueHD or E-AC3 track at 1537kbps is what you typically want here, probably track 3 to 5. 1080p video was track 2, it always is.

    5. So then type (change track numbers to suit):

    eac3to.exe FEATURE_1.EVO+FEATURE_2.EVO 2: video.mkv 4: audio.flac -libav

    (The names video and audio are arbitrary, the extension is IMPORTANT.)

    This will spit out the video and audio file into my G:\.

    6. Combine using mkvmerge gui, in your mkvtoolnix install directory (maybe shortcut in programs, I forget).

    It will take another 20 mins or so to combine the files with mkvmerge.exe (gui).

    Watch using a directshow player with a later version of ffdshow tryouts as both the video and audio decoder, and the Haali Splitter (Haali Renderer is good too).

  17. bc55

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    thanks, I'll give it a go - seems easy enough.

    One more question though, do you get multi-channel audio ( for example 5.1 ) via SPDIF out of this conversion.

    I really want to keep the full multichannel audio, not just PCM stereo .....

    Thanks again for your help !

  18. BLKMGK

    BLKMGK Well-Known Member

    Here's a guide I wrote that is much the same as above except I compress the videos down. you might also want to use AC3 instead of FLAC. Even with the -640 sampling you save gigs of space and I cannot hear a difference.

    Bought my first BluRay disk today, got a headache trying to figure out WTF to do with it. HD-DVd looks much simpler <sigh>:bang:
  19. thedatman

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    Sorry to jump in here I read most of the thread earlier but I just had success doing what you tried. Please forgive me if my suggestion turns out to be stupid, I’m new at this.

    First I tried to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 3 from the disc and it would not play the main film it stalled on the menu and offered no option. Then I ripped it, then using TsRemux I processed it to a blu-ray file checking the best audio option English 5.1 uncompressed. I am able to get sound out of my spdif. I’m not sure but it may only be prologic. My 5.1 analog I clearly have stereo rears so it’s more than prologic.

    I have 2 soundcards installed ,onboard spdif and an Echo Mona that gives me my 5.1 uncompressed analog out. I figured out I have to toggle back and forth between the 2. It’s easy to forget to set one application and then you have no sound.

    I have go into “control panel” then “sounds” then set the default on the device I want analog or digital on either card. Then go back to PDVD setup and set the audio to spdif or (in my case) 6 speakers. I have to do this every time I change audio.

    I’m curious what I did right.
  20. bc55

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    hey, no prob, if it works, it works. I am quite frustrated, as I can get most of my BluRay titles to convert to TS fine using TSREMUX, I get 5.1 sound and all, but some are simply misbehaving.

    My HD-DVDs all have a True-HD or DTS-HD stream as the stream I want to keep, all others are maybe straight AC3s, but are a different language, or comment tracks or whatever.

    I found out by accident that TSREMUX also handles EVO files, it just doesn't keep the audio. Or, better, it keeps the audio in its True-HD or DTS-HD format, and my receiver can't decode it via SPDIF because PowerDVD Ultra doesn't do the core extraction via SPDIF due to a bug which isn't yet fixed.

    If I found a freeware player that COULD extract the core data from the HD stream and give it to my receiver in SPDIF bitstream format, that would solve all my grief.

    So far, I haven't been able to make either VLC Media Player, Media Player Classic or any other player play sound via SPDIF. It's all analogue stereo mixdown via SPDIF. And even if I took that and played it via Pro Logic II, it would still not retain the full directionality an AC3 track would have.

    So, in a nutshell, any conversion that extracts HD audio to AC3, muxes it with the original VC-1 or H264 file and plays on PowerDVD Ultra would make me very, very happy.

    TheDatMan, what switches would I have to adapt to make the audio extract to AC3, which can then in turn be muxed with the video ? Which player do you use that gives SPDIF output ?

    On a recent effort with ICE AGE 2, it would not play back audio either, even though the stream was converted to AC3 by TSREMUX .....

    Can I get a front end ( GUI ) to do those steps you wrote in your guide for me ? Or maybe write up a batch file that takes generically renamed EVOs and does all the steps in one go in a directory of your / my choice ?