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  1. Shannon Smith

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    I am having a tough time trying to pay for a anydvd license. Can I mail you a money order, a personal check or cash to pay for a license? I am not a big fan of bitcoin, and it seems that you do not accept credit cards, maybe I can just mail you a payment for a license. I live in California, USA, could you send me an address to mail to, and how much for a lifetime license on your products.

    Thank You: Shannon Smith
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  2. Ivan

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    Hi Shannon,

    Currently we are not able to accept credit cards where IP address, physical address, or card issuer is from the US. We are working on it and I guess we'll get it done within 2 weeks.

    As a workaround, please send an email to and ask for trial reset (add your trial number "Txx-xx" to your request).

    Thank you for your understanding
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    Does this apply to renewals? See my message to you . Today
  4. My work around for a US person to buy the software worked. It appears that RedFox can accept credit card payments from countries other than the US. So my work around was as follows:

    I used a VPN to make it appear that my computer connection originated in Canada and NOT the US. I then used my US issued credit card to purchase the software, using my name and email address, but using my son’s temporary foreign address and phone number. I provided in the order page the requested bank info for my US based card issuer. I did not provide my US address info as the order page indicated that said info was only required if the name of the purchaser differed from the name on the credit card. Upon finalizing the transaction, I received a text message from my card issuer confirming the transaction. I also received a phone call from the card issuer to confirm that the international charge was a valid charge. Upon my confirming the charge as being valid, the card issuer approved the charge.
  5. Ivan

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    Thank you for sharing this! Very interesting!
    Seems that using a credit card issued in US is not the problem - just playing with
    IP address (fakeable with VPN) and
    address (just use a fake one, we at RedFox are not interested in your address, but credit card clearer is)
    does the trick...

    Yes, the curent US "ban" applies to any credit card purchase.
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    Thank You! I have no idea how to get around the address thing, but will look into it. VPN may not be an issue though.
  7. Bob C.

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    Thanks Ivan! Am in the same boat, but still have some time on the trial.
    I'll email if an extension is needed, but will hope things work out as you mentioned.

    Tried setting up with Coinbase, and it wouldn't work with a Master Card credit or debit. Bitcoin looks great, but for a single purchase there's to many hoops to jump thru at this point. Too bad Paypal has their heads up their.... Anyway, looking forward to having a proper license soon.

    edit: Master Card debit card does work. I was failing to include my middle initial, (as it appears on the card) when entering data... my bad. See follow up post for the happy ending.
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  9. Zapper10

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    I'm hoping you are able to get the Credit Card issue resolved soon! My yearly expired on the 22nd of this month and was looking forward to purchasing a Lifetime. Can you give us an update on what is happening?

    Thanks for your great product. Looking forward to using it again SOON!
  10. dweezil

    dweezil New Member

    any update on credit card processing for USA purchasers ?
    i am hoping to avoid the digital currency solution, i know, "ok boomer"
    so, get off my lawn !
  11. Bob C.

    Bob C. Member

    credit card processing hasn't changed, and it's more than a few weeks.... so I went to bitcoin. The sticky posts on Coinbase is very helpful and now that it's done... no big deal. (USA)They don't take credit or Paypal for deposits anymore, only debit cards and bank transfers (Feb, 2020). Heck, it wasn't any more complicated than opening a Paypal account tied to a bank account.

    If you were hoping to use a credit card, you would not be making an anonymous purchase. Coinbase is no different. So far as security goes, it's probably comparable to Paypal being tied to your bank account. You limit the risk by determining what account is used and dealing with a reputable company. (my checking is used for bill paying and never has much in it... and is not tied to any other account). YMMV

    I got burned using a credit card on line, and that's why a Paypal account was opened. Not being able to make a purchase because of 'homeland' restrictions is reason for setting up with Coinbase. For now, a few dollars in bitcoins will let me make small purchases when paypal or credit cards don't work.

    And away we go!

    (Ivan & all the Redfox team, thanks for extending the trial while I sorted things out... you're the best!)
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