TrueDVD to Dolby Digital or DTS

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    TrueHD to Dolby Digital or DTS

    Hi, I have just discovered AnyDVD and these forums whilst looking to solve my problem.

    My setup is a Dell pc with ATI Radeon HD2400 XT/Pro video card to which I have added an LG GGC-H20L Blu-ray/HD DVD rom drive and a Creative X-fi Xtreme Gamer sound card. A Sony RHT-G800 tv stand and a Sony 40W3000 tv. I am using the PowerDVD that came with the LG drive which was subsequently updated.

    My problem is with playing some Blu-ray dvds. I have bought the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy and everything works great with the amplifier playing the Dolby Digital soundtrack. However the next discs I have tried, the Spiderman series, are in Dolby TrueHD which the amp only sees as PCM and the sound is nowhere near as good.

    Sorry to ramble on but here is my question. If I were to buy AnyDVD and rip the Spiderman discs to my hard disk, could the audio be converted to Dolby Digital or DTS which my amp could deal with?

    Hope this makes sense.
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    No AnyDVD will not help.

    PowerDVD has a bug at the moment that stops it downsampling TrueHD to Dolby Digital (or DTS) when using s/pdif. It just converts to 2-channel PCM. If the disc does not also have a Dolby Digital soundtrack, at the moment the only 'solution' is to convert 6-channel PCM to Dolby Digital or DTS in the sound card/audio port of the motherboard. Not all sound cards/ports can do this and unfortunately your XtremeGamer card cannot. If you have another audio port on your motherboard that probably can. Otherwise you are stuck with 2-channel PCM (if there is no DD soundtrack on the disc) until Cyberlink fix their bug, which they have said they are going to do.
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    Thank you for that. Looks like I'm stuck as the motherboard has no optical out.
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    Why not raise a support incident with Cyberlink. The more that complain the quicker they may fix it.
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    Give it a try with TSremux (with AnyDVD HD) and remux it with the "convert True HD to AC3".
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    Is there an idiot's guide to doing this anywhere?
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    Look in the Laymans guide above, but with two exceptions. a) Skip the subtitle part and b) use Bluray as output. Then make an image with imgburn from the the bluray files as input and mount the resulting image with Deamon tools or Nero image drive. Make sure you have the newest version of TSRemux.
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    I have also had the same problem with Superbad. On my other discs, my amp will come up with DTS or DD, but with Superbad nothing comes up....

    Glad its a bug and not my HTPC....