Trouble with CATCHING FIRE BD Italian

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    Trying to convert the Blu Ray Disc (version Ex rental) ISO image file created with AnyDVD HD in MP4 format for a tablet Acer Iconia A1 -840FHD and setting Full-HD resolution, 5.1 audio, Italian audio-only, no subtitles, and setting the maximum size to 3,51 Gb, the process ends up creating a 700 Mb file containing only 30 minutes of the movie.
    I try this several time and each time the same problem. I'm using last versione of CloneBD in a Windows 8.1 x64 system fully updated.

    I wait for your support

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    Did you send a logfile? Without it the developers won't be able to see what's going wrong.

    When the disc finishes encoding press the 'Alt' key on your keyboard, you should then get the option to save a logfile which you can either email directly to them or post up here.
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    Pressing Alt Key after the screen (at the end of the conversion) nothing happens (nothing happens also trying to close the application)... I think the application had trouble in this conversion without showing error message.

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    This is the Log file created with the newst version of CloneBD.

    I wait for your support.


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