Trouble ripping Terminator 3 - Audio Issue

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    I had this in the AnyDVD forum but it was suggested I post it here.

    I have been trying to rip the blu ray of Terminator 3. I initially thought the audio was completely scrambled from the video track but that is not the case. The audio is lined up fine for the initial "splash screen" but the further out the move plays the further adrift of time alignment it gets. A few minutes in, it's 15 seconds off, and quickly gets worse. Then at 29:20 the audio drops out completely. This is an older title, so I wouldn't think it is Cinevia, and I'm playing with MP Classic just for testing (eventually Plex) so MP Classic shouldn't recognize Cinevia, correct?
    • I have tried ripping with both AnyDVD / Clone BD and DVDFAb and they both net the same results. Not that anyone here cares for DVD Fab, but it's info.
    • I have played the original disc and the MKV using MP Classic and it's fine on the original media, but now with the rip file.
    AnyDVD Logfile attached.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Additional Info: I tried to rip to an ISO, successful. After mounting the ISO it shows up as an unprotected movie. I can play the movie from the ISO fine, but the same trouble if I try to rip the ISO to an MKV.

    Also you can see the audio drop out watching the CloneBD software. The graph shows the video bitrate and total bitrate change and line up. There is also a strange pause that occurs around the 30 minute mark where all processing stops and then picks up again.