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transcoding vs. encoding


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Mar 6, 2007
I have a question about the differences between dvdreb pro vs. clone cd 2. cldvd rebuilder used encoding such as in cinemacraft and procorder 1 and 2. I use basic because it is 60.00 US.dvdrebuilder pro 10 30.00 US plus the encoder. anydvd and clone cd2 uses transcoding. what is the real difference between the 2 except dvdrebuilder pro takes a couple of hours to encoder to a DVD - 5 where clone cd2 does not take that long. which has the better backup performance?

any response is appriciated,

If a transcoder is producing better quality picture than an encoder, something is severely wrong with the encoder. In general, the more time a program takes compressing, the better the picture quality will be (an encoder should always produce better picture quality than a transcoder; the downside is, of course, time.)