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  1. kzajac

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    So I have gotten a flashed UHD drive from known seller. When I look at discs in makemkv they show as Libre ready. But when I try to open in Anydvd/CloneBD they say AGID Unsupported. Can someone please explain what this means, and should I be able to use Anydvd and ClnoeBD to rip 4K? The discs I have tried are Terminator 2 and Hellboy 2.
  2. coopervid

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    Is it a LG16NS60? This won't work since it's an official drive. You will need to flash ist to NS55 or ASUS.
  3. kzajac

    kzajac Well-Known Member

    It is an LG-WH16NS60 which I assume you are referring to. And it was supposedly flashed.
  4. kzajac

    kzajac Well-Known Member

    In makeemkv it shows as an ASUS BC-12B1ST
  5. coopervid

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    If it's flashed correctly it should work with AnyDVD. But flashing it do BC-12B1ST is pretty much the dumbest thing someone could do because that drive is not capable to burn BDs - only DVDs. So it's pretty much a mystery why someone would flash it to that and then secondly why it doesn't work with AnyDVD. Maybe the firmware of the BC-12 doesn't work well with the hardware of the NS60. I suggest you flash it to NS55.

    Start here:
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  6. testiles

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    Hi kzajac.

    What's the exact message you're getting about AGID?

    Because if it's the "couldn't retreive AGID" message in the AnyDVD Status window, that's common to see for UHDs but they will still play just fine....

  7. SamuriHL

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    I agree with flashing it to the ns55 firmware to make it fully friendly.

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