Too frequent updates?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by rd2d, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. rd2d

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    I really appreciate the work that goes into keeping these programs up to date.:bowdown: On the other hand, I do not need to update my installation so very often.

    I tried updating with every new email, but sometimes this caused a problem and required a re-install. So not I only update occasionally. The problem is that I keep getting pop up boxes asking me if I want to update.

    Could these pop-ups be modified to include a check box to only show once a month or something?

  2. bubbles19

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    Why not turn off the check for updates feature and just check the website once a month?

    Many people want to be notified of updates as these updates are needed to backup newer movies.

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  3. NuclearDreams

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  4. MarkRacer

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    I very much welcome updates... If I had to update on a daily basis I would with a:) Just recently when attempting to rip SAW III I ran into some difficulties. Of course Slysoft came through with the solution:D

    Just another happy customer:agree:
  5. jjanoch

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    While the updates can and almost do seem like the constant updates of my Virus program, but I appreaciate that a company is constantly working on improvements.

    I agree with the poster, turn off the feature to not be bothered every time they update. Personally I don't go that route, because I know I will forget to do it on a regular basis, and then one day I will wake up and realize it's been 6 months :agree:
  6. NordicRX8

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    AGREED 100% :agree:

    :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: ALL HAIL SLYSOFT!
  7. sickboy88

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    Nice informative pic man. ;)

    I agree totally. It's the only reason I dumped money into anydvd...because of the updates...and the bugfixes.

    The version before last came out, I got it, they realized "woops, we fucked up" and issued a bugfix the next day. That kind of dedication deserves my money.
  8. lordvader

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    The updates don't bother me the least bit! I really love that these guys are thinking the same as we are . Constant updating and improvements is what we want! We don't want to hear that we can't copy a movie and the guys at slysoft agree and work hard at making their products amongst the best in the world! SlySoft has not only given customer satisfaction, but the more valuable service of customer loyalty. My search ended when I found SlySoft!!:agree:
  9. mrgigabyte

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    i agree also they do a great job and i am a very happy their products keep up the great work 8)
  10. fbu

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    Glad to hear you and the good Lord have come to a compromise on the bike thing.
    With regards to Any dvd updates I hope they keep the standards they have acheived going, going, going: great prog.