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    I am very sorry if this is premature, I just want to ensure i’m Not missing something. Just got the Last Jedi UHD from Walmart Canada. There have been users who posted on the forum that they could rip the Last Jedi UHD disc, (unless I am misreading) but I am getting the ‘cannot process’ error, which I have seen in unsupported discs. I’m going to assume that this disc is not yet supported and just need to be patient, but would like to confirm others are facing this issue or is it possibly a bad disc.

    Thank you very much for the help, and thanks again to the AnyDVD team again for all their work for making such a great product.

    Sorry - I forgot to mention I am running the Latest Beta of AnyDVD HD - no issues with any other UHD discs (was even able to rip San Andreas recently which I couldn’t in the past). Thanks
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    so far only the us disc have key out ... some guys sent the canadian dump file to the person who normaly get the key out (not anydvdhd since if i remember well they dont want us to send them dump files). it should be available in the upcoming days you will have to wait....
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    Thanks. That is what I was assuming but wanted to double check to make sure. Appreciate the help!
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    **UPDATE** - I am now successfully able to rip The Last Jedi UHD to .iso! YAY! Sorry again for being impatient and thank you once again tibby and the redfox team for the on going great help. Can close this thread if needed.