The Big Sick

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    Copy protection or Rip tool detected

    Took care of it nevermind, My mistake it wasn't a AnyDVD problem. Log file was deleted.
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  2. I get a failure when copying The Big Fix. It gets through 3% then fails...
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    This is the big sick not fix
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    DVDFab.jpg My problem was i used DVDFab also lifetime, I thought i used AnyDVD. I did the movie with AnyDVD and no problems. DVDFab in my opinion went down the tubes long ago. DVDFab can not do THE BIG SICK correct just like it couldn't do the last 4-5 movies i tried to use it for. It will do it maybe in a week or more later. Pure crap and sorry to voice my opinion. That's why i deleted the AnyDVD log file, There was no need for it because nothing wrong.
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