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    i can not get this movie to rip past this point: File 1 E:/VIDEO_TS/VTS_04_1.VOB 30 TCSectorReader
    i have tried 2 different disc & they both stop at the exact same spot, vts_04_1.vob 221878. i did install 7026 when i kept having the problem but that did not fix it. im also not sure what i need to send you to get this resolved but i will send what i have.

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    Start by setting your drive region in device manager.

    Next, is that an original disc? Doubt.
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    i have changed the region code to 1 & there's still no change. it is still stopping in the same spot & i've even tried using a dvd rom drive to rip but its always getting to the same point & stopping. also, yes, this is the original disc & i ripped another movie with the setup i have a few minutes ago with no problems. i think theres something hidden in one of the files on this movies. thank you for the quick response on my issue, greatly appreciated.
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    Nothing hidden

    That is not likely a studio-issued disc, it does not matter if you've done other DVDs on your machine or not and I doubt this one will copy.

    Where did you get this disc?

    You can try this functional change but I doubt it will change anything

    Left click the AnyDVD tray icon at the lower right of your screen.
    Open the "Video DVD" list by clicking the + symbol
    Open "settings"
    Open the "AI Scanner" menu at the lower right of that screen
    Set "always enabled"

    Now insert this disc and try it. Perhaps the "rip video..." on the right mouse click on the tray icon is best at this point.

    Regardless, click "default" to restore AnyDVD to normal operation.

    A long shot is:
    On the "Video DVD" / "Settings" un-check the box for "Copy protection based on unreadable sectors".

    If that still fails then write it off. You got a disc that is a bad copy and no, it does not matter if it plays somewhere.