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    I know what I am about to say may stir the pot a bit but I would like to voice one opinion. I have been a very happy customer of Slysoft for many years and will continue to support any product that Slysoft cares to offer. I have been in the IT game for about 23 years and feel the support I get from Slysoft is almost is to remarkable to believe, as I don’t find this from Microsoft (I am a gold partner), Cisco, Research in Motion, etc were I pay hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars for a maintenance contract with these organizations yearly. Having said this, I just paid $14 something to PowerDVD for a two year maintenance contract may or may not be a good decision only time will tell.
    We must appreciate the effort that Slysoft is going through to keep supporting us with Blu-ray and HD-DVD ripping, as I do enjoy my various media centers. The cost Slysoft must undergo to keep HD ripping alive must be silly, as well as the stress they undergo with each new movie release. I have heard a number of people voicing our willingness to pay for a new media player. However, I do believe we must appreciate that Slysoft is a business and we need to support business like these if we want to use their services in the future. I guess what I am saying is I am willing to gladly pay for a maintenance on your product.
    I use both formats HD and blu-ray as some movies are in blu-ray and some are in HD, however what I believe James in his last support update was referring to is if I have a movie which is coming out in both formats I will be buying HD-DVD. James I love your passion and brilliance.

    If I had a choice to keep blu-ray support going or Slysoft discontinue supporting the format, I would gladly pay a yearly maintenance fee to keep blu-ray ripping alive.
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    Here here!
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    Another Opinion In Support Of Slysoft

    I've been following the back-and-forth in the forum lately concerning the advice to move away from Blu-Ray as suggested by James. It seems some feel that this is at the very least unprofessional. While I can see the point that posters are making stating that point, I think it's going a little overboard. For as long as i've been reading this forum, I see many of the same screen names on most of the posts. It's almost like we are somewhat of a "family" or at least we have gained some familiarity with each other enough that we can joke, give honest opinion, etc and all is able to be taken in stride.

    Now I don't profess to know James personally, but I'm in IT and I know that when you constantly are spending midnight hours on a single project, two things can happen. You either get burned out, or you grow to see your project partners as more than just professional relationships. I think James gives his opinion freely partly because he feels he has a receptive audience who, as best as the internet can provide, have become familiar with him. I for one just take it all in stride.

    Now for putting it in the release notes. I guess as long as the product is "doing what it do", I really don't concern myself with the professionalism of the release notes. The Slysoft development team have spent alot of time fighting against the industry for us and in the process, have shown me at least what customer service is supposed to be. What other piece of software do you have besides AntiVirus that is sometimes updated more than once per day.

    So my point is if James, or whoever else at Slysoft wants to vent and the venting finds its way in the release notes, then big deal. Get over it. If you hate reading an opinion that much, just don't read that. If that's not possible, then show your power by returning your key to Slysoft and not using the software. I'm sure there are tons of other decryption softwares out there you can turn too, right, right???

    There, i've got it all out.
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    I agree with all of the above.

    Although I support both formats I buy HD-DVD whenever I can. However Blu-ray's latest exploits have had me reconsidering my neutrality. Regardless, ALL at Slysoft are doing a great job and have my thanks for their continued efforts.

    Regarding a maintenance fee, I too would happily pay a reasonable amount for the continued work that is required to keep AnyDVDHD functioning and ultimately, me watching my movies.
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    Hmm, I have another business idea for SlySoft, if they're going to make an HD-DVD-only player - why not make a BD -to- HD-DVD (only) converter when HD-DVD media becomes more readily available?

    If there are BluRay supporters out there with the same ideals as Slysoft then they'll come along and make BD-players and HD-DVD -to- BD converters, but you can't just expect Slysoft to do both just because there are two formats. That's just stupid, what next "Slysoft I put in a Sony Super Audio CD and AnyDVD didn't decrypt it! Whine whine whine!" AnyDVD HD is a dual-format product, but that doesn't mean they're compelled to create dual-format products for every future product they choose to create!