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Suggestion for .aa Audible files

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by casadebowen, May 10, 2007.

  1. casadebowen

    casadebowen New Member

    I would love to see an easy-to-use software (slysoft) make a convertor for .aa files. So that you can convert .aa to mp3. Right now i have no way to make an mp3 disc of my audiobooks. Everything people use now seems to have audio issues and takes a long time.
    Right now i have clonemobile dvd and Anydvd and i love how easy they are to use and fast.
  2. linx05

    linx05 Well-Known Member

  3. casadebowen

    casadebowen New Member

    I meant user-friendly

    I realize there are ways to do it. But most of them take away quality or the software plays the audiobook while it converts it, which takes forever.
    I was just saying that Slysoft has made the world of ripping dvds so user-friendly that it would be nice to see it done to converting files like .aa

  4. linx05

    linx05 Well-Known Member

    You are always going to lose quality when you encode to another format. Sometimes not as noticeable depending on the ears/eyes which view it.

    Until Slysoft decides to (don't count on it) make this sort of program, that link will inevitibly help you.