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Mar 7, 2007
Hi all,

Having a subtitles problem that I can't find a solution for.

My normal way of burning a dvd uses AnyDVD + DVDShrink or DVDFab + DVDShrink. I am pretty sure the lack of subtitles has stemmed from the dvd's being copied using AnyDVD + DVDShrink.

K, here goes with the problem. I've noticed on the last several dvd's I've burned that they won't play the subtitles even though I am turning the subs on. Has something changed in the last several versions of AnyDVD regarding subtitles? The only thing I see in the AnyDVD settings about subtitles has a place to check " Subtitle Tranparency." I don't remember ever having this checked before. Should I?

Sorry if I missed this somewhere in the forum. I did a search.

Are you doing the whole movie in Shrink & Platinum? Are you Re-authoring in either software.

If you right-click on the "Subtitle Transparency" box it says: "You can specify the transparency of all DVD subtitles & subpictures. This can be helpful if you use a projection system to watch DVDs, because bright subtitles can reduce the contrast of the picture."

From that I would say that AnyDVD is not causing your problem. It must be with DVD Shrink or DVDFab.
The affected discs were (I believe) done just using AnyDvd and DVDShrink 3.17. It was the whole disc also no re-authoring. I have not changed any settings in DVDShrink. I really feel it has something to do with AnyDVD.

About the subtitle setting in AnyDVD, what do you guys have? Do you have the Subtitle Transparency checked? I've never fooled with the settings because it's always worked fine with the default ones.

It is not my tv settings either. Don't know what's happening.
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.Has something changed in the last several versions of AnyDVD regarding subtitles?

No. Your problem has to do with what you're selecting in Shrink (or not selecting, as the case may be).

And Subtitle transparency can remain unchecked.