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  1. Clarity3

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    The DVD title I am backing up has a section with subtitles whilst the dialogue reverts from English to French. I thought this content would be included in the finalised disc without selecting subtitles in the CloneDVD configuration, but when played they are missing and 'menu subtitles' cannot be turned on.

    When I select subtitles in the CloneDVD configuration and make a back-up the finalised disc displays all dialogue with subtitles.

    I am probably making a silly mistake here but any guidance will be appreciated.
  2. Webslinger

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    If you do not choose to backup subtitles in Clonedvd, they obviously won't be on your backup either. So, obviously, choose to include them.

    Then you should either preserve the main menu in Clonedvd--or use your dvd player's remote to cycle through the various subtitle options.