Structural Protection on DVD "Lou! (2014)

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  1. nadir

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    AnyDVD runs in a VM on a Linux host. The BD drive is an internal one in a casing, connected via USB to the notebook. No more "direct access" possible.

    The rip is >11GB, not possible with a DVD9. What could I do to rip it correctly? An iso is not an option. I'd prefer to get rid of the protection.
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    Thanks for your time and consideration!

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  2. James

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    Use CloneDVD and deselect the duplicate title.
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  3. nadir

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    Thanks for the quick reply. Deselecting a title is different from just removing the VOB group from the rip?
  4. Ch3vr0n

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    It's not that simple, while that is essentially what happens yes, the menu structure may also need remapping to other title(s) in order to keep the menu structure intact and not cause a playback problem.
  5. nadir

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    Thanks. Solved for me.