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  1. i was just about to burn and it says my source data is too large.what does that mean?
  2. KoRn

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    The files you want to burn are to large. You have to choose an other medium e.g. DVD DL 8,5 GB or you have to compress the files.
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    That means the original DVD is too big for the medium you have, like KoRn said, you need to compress the files.
  4. Webslinger

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    It probably means you need to select "dvd-5" in the quality bar in Clonedvd2 (do this if you're using single layer blanks).
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    Why do we need 3 almost identical explanations to 1 question?
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    Better than no help

    And if someone had mentioned the quality bar, I wouldn't have posted.
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    Well here's another but different answer. Even if one sets CloneDVD to DL mode, if the DL media used is crap (like memorex), the burner may not recognize that it is actually DL media which can cause CloneDVD to report that the source data is too large. Yet another reason to stick with Verbatim DL media.

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  8. thank you to ALL the replies, i was only copying the movie and the quality bar said 100% so i thought it would be fine but it seems i can only use the dvd5 setting i thought i would be a bit more adventurous and change it to dvd+ &- cause i use dvd- discs & only verbatim or tdk.:
  9. sockeye

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    If you choose a dvd9 output size, the quality bar will show 100%, because that is what the original disk is...... a dvd9 disk. (DL disk, or dual layer as it is called.) Some movies are of such size, that the main title will actually occupy more than the first layer, requiring it to be compressed to fit on a single layer disk, as other forum members have stated.
    Single layer and Dual Layer media both come in + and - format.