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Sopranos Season 1


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Jan 28, 2007
Has anyone had trouble making archival copies of the Sopranos Season 1 (Collectors edition)? I am using 1ClickDVDcopy and the latest version of AnyDVD. The disc dupes OK but it seems not all of the copy protection is removed as the backgrounds go in and out of focus. Any suggestions? Thanks
i recorded seasons 1-5 with no probs...but i got my disks from netflix...pretty sure they were not collector copies...netflix works great-worth the cost
No probs here

I backed up ALL of the available Sopranos seasons from my boxed sets and only used DVD Shrink. I had not even heard of AnyDVD at that time. I, of course, have AnyDVD now and continue to use it with DVD Shrink with no problems. I can't imagine why you're having a problem.