[SOLVED] ASUS BW-16D1HT (3.02), Wizard of Oz UHD, disc not detected

Discussion in 'CD/DVD/BD Drives' started by Rick0, Apr 17, 2020.

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    I've used this drive on dozens of UHD discs without difficulty, but today I tried to load the Wizard of Oz UHD disc, and AnyDVD didn't detect that a disc was present. (Neither did Windows.) This particular disc is printed with a dark red background, with the text on the disc shown by the absence of the dark red printing, so you can see through the disc in those spots. The word "Oz" is a particularly large clear area.

    After verifying that the disc played fine in a stand-alone UHD player, I concluded that this drive doesn't react well to large clear areas on a disc. I resolved the issue by coloring in the clear areas with a black Sharpie. The disc doesn't take the Sharpie ink very well, but it provided enough opacity for the disc to be recognized, and AnyDVD then successfully decrypted it.