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SlySoft!! When are you releasing it? / Latest Version?


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May 10, 2007
If you're having problems with Windows Vista, then simply put out an XP compatible version for the XP users, and then when you finish Vista, you can put the download up 4 it. :D. Plus, you'd get cash for Gamejackal Pro to help you out with the Vista version. Please, Please, PLEASE release Gamejackal Pro.

P.S. Could anyone upload the latest version of gamejackal w/ addons? I had to do a format and lost it. :bowdown: Any help is greatly appreciated.

P.S.S Don't give up Vista users, keep reporting those bugs and supporting Vista. When I get my version, I'd like it to be completely bug-free. :agree:

P.S.S.S This is going to get ignored, isn't it? =(