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    I have a Creative Zen vision W and use Clonemobile DVD with Any DVD to add DVD's to my player. I have noticed the video can seem a bit choppy or stutter at times and the black backgrounds can look pixilated. I was wondering if its just how the player plays the converted video or if I could use a different format and get a smother result. I have tried different qualities and get the same result. This is with every DVD I have converted. The movies are watchable and I think it might have to do with the player. Maybe its processor is a bit on the slow side? or because its playing it off a hard drive instead of a disk? Any help would be appreciated.
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    Talking to my self

    Well I tried the Generic output (DIVX) and unchecked the Deinterlacing and it improved the overall quality of the video. What dose deinterlacing do anywys?
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    Wow these forums Rock so much user input! I would like to thank everyone and the Slysoft technical team for your outstanding abiltiy to help
    (can you feel the sarcasm?). :clap: :disagree: :(
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    Slooooooow day?

    I have the issue too, I use the VOB passthrough, and I get a picture that just jumps like crazy.
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    Yeah .. rocks like some of the users (feel the sarcasm?)

    I rip avi (generic) on a Toshiba hp zd8000 and a dell latitude. On both i normally watch with winamp and a loaded coded that came with divx viewer (although my laptop does have a divxpro). In both of these cases i do not notice any jerking or pixelation. Standard rip options

    I also use these on my ipaq 6315 (wm2003). in just a couple out of the hundreds i have watched on my ipaq have shown any 'jerky' motion. They play correctly on my laptop so i believe it is my ipaq (couple of years old and wm3 doesnt do avi. Using 3rd party product).

    I have a pretty extensive library of dvds .. put up some of the ones you have problems with and if I can dup i will.

    Anything to help .. ROCK ON DUD!!

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    I have narrowed it down to the problem being associated with Deinterlacing.
    Now I all I need to know is what Deinterlacing dose.
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    新最佳拍檔 (the aces go places series)

    The New Improved DX
    雀聖3自摸三百番 (Kung Fu 3 Mahjong)
    重案組 (Crime Story)
    自然城市 (Natural City)
    龍少爺 (Dragon Lord)
    夏日福星 (Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars)
    大醉俠 (邵氏) (Come Drink With Me)

    All are Asian imports. CloneDVD works fine, AnyDVD works fine, they play back fine from the disc, or the image, but if I try to rip it in CDVDMobile, I jumps, or sometimes it will rip the entire file but the timing index is all messed up, so it will read a 2 hour long movie as just 20 minutes, and when I reach near the end, I have to drag the time-slider back to the beginning to keep going. all sorts of issues. Maybe there is something wrong with the interlacing, I don't know that end of it.
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    Great info .. and sure that this kind of info will help the SlySoft team.

    A couple last questions .. are these 'imports' or is the region China? Does this happen on region 1 (or what ever your home region is). Have your tried doing this with the same DVD but on a different computer?

    Also .. have you reported this to the slysoft support? Real problems like this probably need to be filtered to them.
  10. lostinlodos

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    Region codes

    They're region 0, ALL, 3 and 6.

    The same discs cause the same problem on two systems. I am positive it's not my hardware, as one of the two computers is about 2 years old, the other's oldest component is less than 3 weeks old. Both are hand-builds.

    The only region 1 discs I've tried are Star Trek DS9 and ST-Voyager, both also had the same problems on some discs, but not others. The Star Trek TV shows are the only region 1 discs I have, so...

    No I haven't reported it to SlySoft, not sure how that could be properly tested without sending them the entire disc itself. With an issue like this, just a few files would probably not be enough to check the issue.

    I could post a full list of every DVD I've had a problem with if that may help someone, but its lengthy, probably around 150 or so discs, I think. I use Collectorz to maintain my database of DVDs and mark the ones that didn't back up correctly.
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    A catch 22 .. they don't necessarily see things here (and definitely don't post replys to all problems). If not posted to their site ..

    If you wanted to lend me a duplicate of one of the problem disks I would be happy to give it a try. I have a 500Gig mybook filled with videos (over 750 files) and have yet to see any of these except as noted earlier.

    So PM me if you want. I would be interested to see if the problem happens on either of my machines.
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    Thanks Mike.

    The jerky problem has been solved by unchecking the box for deinterlacing and using the highest quality possible. I still get the blocky sceen "effect" when the screen gets dark or when there is smoke/fog. I have a feeling its related to the player. Creative Zen Vision W. When I play the movie on my computer or from a DVD I have backed up I do not get this problem. Then again it could be clone DVD mobile.
  13. lostinlodos

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    I don't have any option for changing that with a VOB passthrough, though. Any ideas?