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Skipping movie HELP !!!


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Feb 2, 2007
I'm using 1click DVD with anyDVD to back up movies. The movie is skipping to the next sceen during play. When the burn is complete 1click is telling me it was successful. The skipping is happening more and more. I'm using sony DVD+R's as a blank disc and playing them in a sony dvd player. Can anyone help me with a solution that will end the skipping in the movies. Please note I am a beginner to this not all that computer savey
Have you tried a different brand of media? Perhaps your burning too fast?
I had some issues with 1Click so I quit using it some time ago but TPlat is very knowledgeable with that software.. If you post him a burn log I'm sure he can help you out.
If your using a version 5 of 1Click open 1Click and press your F8-key then copy and paste a single burn log for a problem movie in with a reply.

****Session Closed****

Everything in between these two lines will be one log.

****Session Started****

Unlike CloneDVD, if 1Click runs upon CRC errors, it will skip the sectors that the errors are found. You can see that when the movie is being read it will say, "Skipping sector 0123456". If there are a lot of bad places in the source disc (generally scratches or smudges) it may skip a lot of sectors. Generally there are just a few and it may skip a little during playback. If the source disc is really bad though, it may have to skip a lot. If you notice that it is taking an exceptionally long time to read a disc, odds are it has had to skip sectors.

Generally back-up media problems usually show up as freezes. But if it is just a skip, 1Click probably skipped some bad sectors. CloneDVD will not skip those sectors and will give a CRC error message.
It could also be caused by a number of things such as poor media, burning to fast and not having your burners firmware upto date. Thats where posting a burn log will answer alot of questions at one time.