Shoot 'em up is shutting down Roxio

Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by controler, Jan 2, 2008.

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    I am new here but have used AnyDVD for some years now.

    I was having the same problem with untill i came here and found out about deep scan which I never had to use before.
    I have a question. How is this title able to shut down certian burning software
    when deep scan is not enabled?
    For instance I use Roxio Easy DVD Copy.

    Is this DVD searching for certian burning programs and shutting down their processes like a virus would? Is it's process hidden?
    Is this similer to what Sony did with their rootkit?


  2. Webslinger

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    This is probably a conflict of some sort between the two programs.

    The answer is no to all your questions.
  3. controler

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    Thanks for your answer however,, It can't be incompatability between Roxio & AnyDvd because it only happens when I insert Shootem UP, no other title, and it will do it every single time without deep scan enabled. I would still like to know then if it is AnyDVD or something on the movie which is able to shut down Roxio and why.
    I have been trying to see what's going on using IceSword & Gmer but so far am not seeing how it is happening.

  4. Webslinger

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    If Anydvd were purposely shutting down Roxio, this issue would happen with every disc--and not just shoot 'em up.

    Also, considering Anydvd does not handle Shoot 'Em Up properly without "deep scan" enabled, the solution seems fairly obvious.
  5. tebugg

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    if u dont like the way that shoot'em up is shuttin down roxio, your best bet is to copy the files to hard drive first with anydvd ripper then input those files into roxio. roxio shouldnt shut down on u then.
  6. controler

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    Ok here goes. If I set deep scan I can open Roxio just fine. If I have deep scan set and rip to hard drive with AnyDVD, remove movie from DVD writer, open Roxio, select the shootem up folder, Roxio closes right away. If I chose any other DVD ripped movie folder, Roxio stays open just fine, so whatever is on the Movie is being transfered to the ripped one also.

    I have been interested in security since the 90's and that is why I want to know how this DVD is shutting down Roxio. I am able to use deep scan to rip and burn it just fine. I am telling you without deep scan set, the dvd WILL shut down Roxio.

    I am still waiting for answers on the the technique used by shootem up to do this.

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  7. Webslinger

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    It seems more likely to me that this is a bug in Roxio. DVDshrink, Nero Recode, and Clonedvd handle the Anydvd rip from perfectly fine provided "deep scan" is enabled. Dvdshrink requires a fairly strict adherence to the dvd-video standard. So, if Shrink can handle the rip, then . . .

    This is not an Anydvd issue.

    Moving thread to the Third Party Products forum . . .
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    I am not saying it is an ANYDVD issue. I am pretty sure it's not a Roxio bug.

    After ripping the movie to my hard drive, F: partition, why would this movie be the only one that can shut down Roxio? If I reinsert the Movie and let AnyDVD rescan in deep mode, i am then able to open roxio, and select the shootem up movie on F: just fine without Roxio shutting down.
    What I am trying to tell you is this movie has something on it that can close some burning software and I read some place else it was shutting down another software and not just roxio. I did have some Magellean navagation software on here and they have a DRM that won't let you copy their data cd but I removed that program.
    I don't know why Shrink and some others work ok, maybe they are not being targeted.
  9. Webslinger

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    Roxio is of no concern to protection developers. No one is targetting Roxio.

    Protection developers will target Shrink (has already happened in the past), Nero Recode (has already happened in the past), Clonedvd (has already happened in the past), etc., before they care about Roxio. And currently, they are probably more interested in decrypters.

    Based on what? Every other program seems to handle the rip fine.
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  10. controler

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    Maybe you can tell me why a bug in Roxio would only have a peoblem with this movie and not one single others?

    That is what I am asking.

    I will ask you to not think I am new to computers and computer security.

    I am telling you there is something about this DVD that is not normal.

    If I find out what it is I might be so kind to post. You don't seem interested in the security aspect of this at all.
  11. Rich86

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    I have seen dvd's containing invalid file or directory structures which have caused some programs to immediately fail upon accessing said invalid file or directory structure - including Roxio (which I use a lot). There is probably something strange or different in the original structure of this disk that raises a ruckus when accessed directly, but gets cleaned out via the ripping process to hard disc.
  12. Webslinger

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    That's because there is none, and Rich86's explanation is plausible to me (except it seems to me that if both Shrink and Recode can handle the rip, then I'm not sure why the file structure wouldn't conform to a typical dvd-video standard and be accepted by Roxio--unless, of course, the Roxio version being used has a bug).

    No protection developer is running around trying to specifically shutdown Roxio and exclude everything else.
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