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Sharing What Works Perfectly for me, every time...


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Feb 2, 2007
Today's my first time on the new Forum, and it is just Marvelous, as are AnyDVD and CloneDVD2, which I've been happily using for several months, actually since Spring last year.

I'd like to share a Procedure I have found works flawlessly all the time. I do copying in two phases, first writing the dvd files to their own directory on the HDD, and when this is done shutting down CloneDVD2. If I have several dvd's to back up I'll generally do this for each of them -- and always shutting down CloneDVD2 after each one is decoded. These individual directories of movies are all kept under \VID\ which makes them easy to find.

The second phase is writing (burning) the copies. Start CloneDVD2, select the write to disk option, AND -----> I don't try to write at the maximum speed of 16X, but instead at 12X. Let the creature take its time and do a good job; and 12X isn't all that much slower than 16X. Again, shut down CloneDVD2 after each disk is done, and restart for the next one.

Of course one must periodically use windows explorer and delete the directories so the HDD doesn't fill up. I like to keep a minimum headroom of 50 gigs or so.

For me, this process produces flawless backup copying without errors and damaged blanks.

And Congratulations to the wonderful programmers who keep the software up to date, slaying all the new alligators which keep coming out of the woodwork. Wish I knew as much about the dvd process as they do. Hey Guys -- if time ever permits, how about a good DVD-Authoring program some day?

Best regards.

Why do you shut down with each copy and burn? I have backed up and burned as many as 7 discs in a row without any problems at all. Seems to me you are adding unnessesary time and steps. Not trying to be critical just my opinion.