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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by pimpcrapinpeace, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. pimpcrapinpeace

    pimpcrapinpeace Well-Known Member

    Just Wanted to let slysoft know there might be a problem with the digital signatures on some parts of the forum, internet explorer says there is and says it is not recommended to continue to this site :confused:
  2. Charlie

    Charlie Well-Known Member

    Are you using internet explorer 8 beta or windows 7?
  3. pimpcrapinpeace

    pimpcrapinpeace Well-Known Member


    No. I use windows vista home premium 32 bit and Microsoft internet explorer 7
  4. BDMinus

    BDMinus Well-Known Member

    sometimes I see an issue if use https, not sure if its the same thing you are seeing.
  5. fast eddie

    fast eddie Guest

    I would be more concerned with Microsoft and their corrupt practices.

    Thats why I always after Microsoft updates do a complete system check and registry check to see if Microsoft has dumped something on your computer that you don't want.
  6. pimpcrapinpeace

    pimpcrapinpeace Well-Known Member


    Fair enough, just wanted to let slysoft know
  7. Moonie

    Moonie Well-Known Member

    That's right :bang:

    today i found a folder , there properties show me 1,7GB!!!!, i think this is maybe a temp folder.

    so i open it and found 2 subfolders, but now come's the joke:

    the hidden folder and the other one have only 35MB.
    there is no more, no files, folders or something... nothing... but windows call me this f### folder have 1,7GB...

    still i serach for this "phantom" file, but i can't found it...
  8. Joe

    Joe Administrator


    The SlySoft forum does not require or officially support a SSL secured connection. Any official link to the forum is prefixed "http:" (plain), not "https:" (SSL secured). You found an unofficial "entrance" to the forum by modifying the URL. There is no need to inform anybody about the side effects of your experiment.

    The SSL secured connection to the forum HTTP server is meant for moderators, administrators and maintenance only. The certificate is valid, but not signed by a commonly recognized certification authority (CA), but by our own CA. If you want your browser to accept our certificates without security exception, I will gladly provide you with our CA root certificate.

  9. pimpcrapinpeace

    pimpcrapinpeace Well-Known Member

    Yeah That would be great, then internet explorer would stop bugging me
  10. pimpcrapinpeace

    pimpcrapinpeace Well-Known Member

    Try disabling the "hide protected operating system files" option in folder options, sometimes hidden files register as OS files and you can not see them
  11. evlncrn8

    evlncrn8 Well-Known Member

    the file can also be a 'sparse' file, where it could be 100000+Gb (slight exaggeration here) but only 10kb on the disk, there's some strange things ntfs can do with files and specially crafted 'commands'
  12. Moonie

    Moonie Well-Known Member

    i found that :)

    first i think this is a problem with the cluster size, but this was only the IE7 cache, stored in a temp folder.

    the joke is, the temp from IE is not a "hide protected operating system file" but i can only see it when i unhide it in the folder options
  13. evlncrn8

    evlncrn8 Well-Known Member

    well running scandisk / disk check couldn't hurt either i guess (file corruption can happen over time etc.. too)..

    right click drive, select properties -> tools -> check for errors (i could have said scandiskw, but vista has a slightly different setup), scan the disk, see if it finds anything (just to rule out the possibility the file size is messed up through some corruption)..
  14. Joe

    Joe Administrator

    The SlySoft CA root certificate is attached.


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  15. pimpcrapinpeace

    pimpcrapinpeace Well-Known Member


    Thank you joe,
    I will be forever in your debt :bowdown: