Saint Francis DVD

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by Crysdad, Jun 22, 2020.

  1. Crysdad

    Crysdad Member

    my computer won't recognized Saint Frances
  2. dbminter

    dbminter Well-Known Member

    We'll need a tad bit more information. For instance, not recognized in what way? Does AnyDVD not detect the disc is inserted in the drive? Does Windows/File Explorer detect the disc is inserted? Can the disc be played on your computer with something recognize it's inserted like Media Player Classic - Home Cinema?
  3. psilberman

    psilberman Guest

    I had a similar issue but believe it was a bad disk. Windows and AnyDvd could see the disk but not read it. My Mac just spit the disk back out.

    The disk was sent back for replacement so I’ll post again after trying with a new disk.