Safest method for burning BD-Rs

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    I just burned my 1st BD-R I thought for a while I had 2 coasters.

    Yesterday I burned a remuxed copy of Flyboys. The file was 23.7g , very big. It burned and plays but had an “invalid block address” error on both test BD-RE burns. Both worked so I thought I would burn to bdr, started the burn and within a few seconds is spit it back out with some kind of error. I remuxed the film as before and tried it again. Now some of the space was used and nero said the disc was not big enough. So I stuck in a 2nd one and it spit it out with the same error.

    For some reason the size of the BD-RE copy was smaller than 23.7 so I copied it using the same failed disc and it worked, except for a little garbled playback about 15 min in. Not more than a couple of minutes. So far it’s had no other errors.

    So after this error I’m thinking 1 or 2 safer way to burn a write once disc. First always use a rewritable 1st. After successfully burning the rewritable do the burn again on a write once. Or copy the rewritable and use a BD-R.

    Are garbled parts of the film something that happens?
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    The reason you got the error on the first one is that the file is to big for the disc. Nero will still try to write it, but when it runs out of space it comes up with that error 'Invalid Block Address' You need to make it smaller if you want it to fit and play properly in future. Thats why you get the gabled part as it's not been written to the disc
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    you may be right about the size but if the garbled part was because of running out of space wouldn't that error be at the end or beginning?
  4. Adbear

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    not really, it depends on what part it decided to burn to that part of the disc. If it plays fine on the hard drive then you burn it to disc and it has garbled bits then it makes sense that the garbled parts are the bits that didn't fit on the disc
  5. thedatman

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    ok I can dig it. The disc may have burned but I had the error prior that took some of the space