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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by Lukas, Dec 23, 2020.

  1. Lukas

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    Hello, I would like to ask for some instructions for the safe use of ANYSTREAM so that I do not endanger the BAN on NETFLIX and other services, how to proceed safely when using it? or what to set and similar thank you :)
  2. DeepSpace

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    If you want to be save, just never use anything else but speed x1. Also you could try not to use the full download limit set by redfox. Because when you always download till the limit is reached, they could see that you never go beyond this number.
  3. zero269

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    Lukas, from what I gather, there really is no "unsafe" way to use this product. Many refer to the speed setting as it relates to this type of question.
    I started with 1x using the trial, but then kept stepping it up in order to get a feel for it before purchasing a license.

    I've been using Unlimited ever since without issue. In fact, I'm seeing many people in various posts - including Moderators - that have been doing the same since their first beta release.

    You can monitor your bandwidth using Task Manager. I was doing this during my experimentations. I usually see around 50 mbps on average which is actually not that fast, however I have intermittent spikes that jump up to around 70 - 100 mbps, and in some instances, a snails pace at around 1 mbps forcing me to Abort and start over because I refused to accept that slow of a pace.

    Just run Unlimited and monitor your network usage for the application and then compare that with your normal browser streaming speeds, and my guess is they will be very similar.

    I'm able to stream on more than 4 devices in my home, so using a great deal of bandwidth for any given Provider is commonplace.
  4. Ch3vr0n

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    I've been using unlimited since closed beta, no problems whatsoever for the moment.

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  5. Lukas

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    thank you all for your valuable advice, I will buy a license using bitcoin soon
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