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  1. dbminter

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    Is my Rumble In The Bronx R1 DVD damaged? I've attached the log. Back in December, the Standard side was decrypting fine. Now, I get a message I've never seen before: "IFOProperties 6" 30% into repairing defective DVD structure.

    Flippers are notorious for being junk and maybe my copy has just finally given up the ghost? Maybe the log can show if part of it can't be read.


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  2. Ch3vr0n

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    You're a couple beta's behind. Try 824.10. if that doesn't work, new logfile

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  3. dbminter

    dbminter Well-Known Member

    Beta version, new log, same error.

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  4. Ch3vr0n

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    i'm going with dirty/defective disc and/or driver. Chances of being a protection issue are slim to none, thats a 1997 title. Though it's up to @James for the final vote.
  5. dbminter

    dbminter Well-Known Member

    It's most likely not the drive as it was installed in January. And the Widescreen side decrypts fine.

    What's weird is when doing a scan of the disc for the log, the info window briefly returns there is structural copy protection. But, after the drives list tabs refresh, the dialog for the disc doesn't show any protection. This was on both the last gold release and the most recent beta. This could be because of a bad disc. One of my Twilight Zone Season 5 DVD's returns it has structural copy protection when none of the other 4 do. And it seems to be caused by a bad portion of the disc. There's a spot on the disc and it won't read fully in anything.

    I tried cleaning the disc. The weird thing is I got a different error after cleaning it! My first most recent attempt on Friday returned a different error at the end of the disc on VOB 8. Apparently, that file couldn't be decrypted. Most likely because it couldn't be read. Hence why I've been going, as I said initially, with a bad disc.

  6. Ch3vr0n

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    that it decrypts is irrelevant, decrypting only removes the protection. That's not the same as actually ripping. There's nothing but basic css encryption on it. Structural protection didn't exist back in '97 and its definitely not present here. The hightest VOB number is VTS_01_5. But what do you mean "standard side" and "widescreen side"? If that's a double sided disc, then it definitely doesn't surprise me one of them is bad. From my experience those are notoriously known for being "crappy", the industry stopped using them for a reason a long time ago. You should have a very hard time, finding a RECENT title of any kind that's on a double sided disc.
  7. dbminter

    dbminter Well-Known Member

    It's a flipper. I'm pretty sure it's the flipper being the problem. As I said in my initial post, flippers are notorious for being junk. I'm glad the industry stopped using them. I can't even count the number of cheap DVD seasons I've had to return to because the manufacturer put them on flippers.

    Yeah, I knew there wasn't structural protection on it as one side wasn't protected and yet another "was." Plus, as you said, the age of the DVD precludes structural protection.

    I didn't check the disc in File Explorer to see what the last VOB was in the VIDEO_TS folder. I just guessed it was VTS 08 because the error window said VOB 8 and 3 strings of numbers.
  8. James

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    1.) Use CloneDVD.
    2.) Let it finish the repair scan.
    3.) Enjoy.

    EDIT: You might need to set AI scanner to "always enabled" for this disc.
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