Ripping to HD with clonedvd2,I have a ?

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by stinman>=, Mar 1, 2007.

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    The departed is a long movie 2.5 hrs.When making dvd files and you use
    dvd-5 with only the movie( in one or more titles) the quality bar is still not very good (in yellow).I am not burning it to disk,I am just putting it on HD,so
    what to do to make the quality bar more in the green.Or does it not matter until it is burnt to a disk.
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    Hi :)
    Ripping to HD you could select DL & have no compression. If at a later date you want to claim back some HD space. You can compress then to fit SL disc. If needed.
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    ripping to hd

    On the custom part I usely use it anymore because I got 50 maxel dvd+r
    4.7 16x 2 hrs sp mode.1) What does sp mode mean? Usely they are 120 minutes.I read here if you use cheaper disks to keep the compression at
    4300.If I compressed it before putting it on the hard drive,what should I put it at?Does 4.7 gb mean 4700 mb? Thanks for answering my last question and thanks to who answers this one(3). Mark
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    SP Mode

    SP mode is the throwback to VHS and means slow play or an attempt to show it is a 4.7gb (single layer) disc. When playing a DVD you really only have one speed unless you are using fast forward.

    The reason for setting the "Custom" write mode in CloneDVD is to not use the end (outside) of the disc where quality goes down on a lot of media. If you are using good quality media you can probably use the whole disc which is 4700 or 4.7gb (just selecting DVD5 is the easiest). The best alternative if the quality is still poor (below 70-80) is to use the DVD-/+R DL which will raise the level to 100 if you have a double/dual layer burner and DL media. If not, you could also opt to use two DVD5 (SL) discs.