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    On Netflix i get ..

    Mad Max Fury Road 960x540, 768x432
    Red: 1920x1080, 720, lower, even lower
    Pacific Rim: 960x540
    Alternated Carbon 1920x1080, 720, lower, even lower

    I would have expected something like Mad Max to be 1920x1080. Is this me or was it like this and i just didn't know that yet?

    Or could this be because i am a second class netflix-user, aka european (n) , using different streams

  2. Prospere

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    @TheDutchguy It is not officially known whether Netflix classifies customers by regions (although, you are not the only one having this impression), we definitely are not.

    AnyStream requests a range of resolutions (including 1920x1080) each time, but it's up to Netflix what it supplies in response. Also, take into account - not every title has 1920x1080 regardless of our expectations.
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    @Prospere Wow, thanks for the lightning fast response.

    I hear you on 'we can only display what is served as a reply'.

    I did read a bit before posting this and i'm 99% sure i'm not telling you anything new.

    The titles i mentions are 100% for sure available as 1080p. I think perhaps even 4K.

    Unfortunately the logfile is very, very basic.
    Don't know if enduser like me can see anything in those .ast files. Didn't really find any reference about that.

    I'm not saying anystream is failing, at worst ''it's work in progress' which is fine.

    I understand the obfuscation from Netflix, prime and audio/video codecs and DRM shite. That's the reason i'm here in the first place

    I'll await further development. I like Anystream, but for now, manualy clicking one movies / show at a time from windows is not a fully productive alternative yet.

    Perhaps when a linux client with batch/queue, yes! Then i gladly pay the price. Even more so i think!

    Keep up the good work!


    edit: And not at least; ar current if a doenload from a recent movie is limited tot non-hd i skip. HD is the minimum at my taste. 920x540 will not do.
  4. Prospere

    Prospere RedFox Development Team

    Thanks a lot for warm words!

    We're constantly looking for ways to improve AnyStream's performance. This applies to getting higher resolutions too, but still, this does not entirely depend on us.

    I also agree - there's a way to go with user experience improvements. However, for now there are a few urgent technical issues that need to be taken care of, which we did not encounter while testing.

    Linux version is planned, but no timeline has been defined yet.
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