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  1. toejams123

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    First post here..

    Have tried to back up SuperBad region A blu-ray to play on my UK region B Playstation 3. Set AnyDVDHD to remove region code. However it seems that the disk I have burned still has some form of region encoding as refuses to play giving a region warning.
  2. Xtrap1979

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    Did you choose automatic removal? Or did you enter the specific region code that was to be removed?
  3. toejams123

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    I placed a check-mark in Region A.
  4. Xtrap1979

    Xtrap1979 Well-Known Member

    I did also experience some problems with the removal of the RC.
    It sometimes doesn't work at all for me. Especially when set to automatic. However, it didn't work for me for a region set to a specific RC either.
    I think you can set the region limit for Power DVD by editing the registry (haven't tried it yet though) don't know if you can change the regions for the ps 3.....
  5. andy o

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    Did you try setting it to region B? I think the way AnyDVD does it is remap the region, not get rid of it. So what you are actually selecting is the target region for your rip. I'm not 100% sure though, but worth a try.
  6. cocazulu

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    I'm having problems with RC in The Day After Tomorrow, Region B. No matter what I choose, automatic or sets AnyDVDHD to Region B, I have to set it manually in PDVD to get it to play. IIRC I had to switch off the RC feature in AnyDVDHD as well.

    ANYDVDHD tells me the RC has been removed in the status window.

    Anyone else having this problem?

    Latest Any beta, PDVD 3104.

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  7. toejams123

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    Thanks.. I'll give it a go.
  8. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    No, you must set AnyDVD to the region of the disc (as the right mouse button help on the region control tells you).
    If this doesn't work, it doesn't work at the moment.
  9. toejams123

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    Yeah just tried backing up Saw4 region A got a Region code error again.
  10. toejams123

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    Success.. Managed to back up Saw4 region A and get it to play on my Region B PS3.
  11. Xtrap1979

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    Still have a question concerning Any DVD:

    Does it remove the RC on the fly when being played from disc? Or do I have to rip it to HDD to get a successful removal?
    I'm just trying "The Invisible" Region A, Any DVD set to Region A.
    Won't play from disc.

    Edit: Seems to work after being copied to the HDD.

    Can I reset the Power DVD RC counter via registry in case Any DVD is not able to remove the restriction? I found a thread using the search function. However, it was closed so I wonder if it didn't work or it was againgst some sort of rules.....?
    Please enlighten me;)
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  12. <><

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    along with the above question, i would like to ask if its possible for AnyDVD HD to bypass region code (or strip it) on a blu-ray disc onces it's already ripped to the hard drive?