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    Blockbuster exclusive (Redline) discussion

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    First of all, I wouldn't be talking about "cloning" a movie from Blockbuster as you are flat out admitting that you are copying rentals. That's asking for trouble. Just my opinion.

    That being said, Blockbuster did release that movie exclusively last week and although I didn't really like it (more like a "B" movie to me) I have been told AnyDVD and CloneDVD handle it perfectly.
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    It's not exclusive to Blockbuster, Netflix has it, local sellers/rental shops have it. The only difference is the Blockbuster version has a quick couple seconds "Blockbuster Exclusive" clip in it.
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    From what I recall about others, BB's definition of "exclusive" is that they are the only brick-and-mortar store that can rent it out. They had others that were like that and on Netlfix so I always joked to the manager that it was not very exclusive at all.
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    It's really not very exclusive because this movie rents at everywhere basically, but I do recall one movie I seen at blockbuster that said exclusive and I haven't seen it on Netflix, or my local rental stores, "Animal 2" with Ving Rhames, I think thats how you spell it, haven't checked to see if its avaiable for sale online though.
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    My understanding is that a Blockbuster exclusive is exclusively shipped to Blockbuster for rental but other non-Blockbuster rental stores may purchase a copy of said movie on the day of release and then rent it out themselves. This is what a local rental store does and they are a larger national chain.
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    Looks like they have it too:
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  8. Metrock

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    I can understand that, but I don't see a point of it saying exclusive since technically there not.
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    But they (BB) have their own definition of exclusive. If they didn't, there would be legal issues. I also did saw a Movie Starz video store release a movie once 3 days before it was suppose to and the local BB guys didn't like that at all. I'm going to get their (BB) official definition tonight of exclusive if I can remember.

    As for the release date, you didn't specify before, you just said it wasn't there, not when.

  10. Metrock

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    That'll be nice to know.

    I meant when it was released, because I wasn't aware they had added it since.
  11. SirKTS

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    BB Exclusives

    This is what the Web Site Says:

    Blockbuster expects to carry all future theatrical and direct-to-video titles released by The Weinstein Company and will have a three-year rental exclusivity, starting January 1, 2007, for each title released.

    As the exclusive provider of rental product, Blockbuster will make titles from The Weinstein Company available long before any other in-store or online retailer. With the exclusive agreement, Blockbuster is the only retailer which can guarantee a wide selection of movies from The Weinstein Company will be available to rent.

    Blockbuster's alliance with The Weinstein Company means that we can offer our members unique access to entertainment content, including new theatrical releases and direct-to-video titles long before these titles are released to other in-store and online rental providers.

    The Weinsteins are movie industry icons and innovators, having released some of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful independent feature films of the past two decades.

    We see this agreement as positive for our customers, our brand and our business. Teaming with an innovative movie and marketing powerhouse like The Weinstein Company reinforces our commitment to give our customers complete access to the movies they want to watch.

    This does not cover sales of these titles
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    I guess it boils down to the question....WHO CARES??? The OP was obviously trying to copy a rental anyway. May the Blockbuster Chip eat his drive........:D
  13. Metrock

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    Every movie I have seen at Blockbuster, I have seen for rent on Netflix so this statement is not true.
  14. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    Personally, I found the quote both contradictory and vague.

    Okay, so this means that only Blockbuster can rent these movies for the length of the contract so that ends on January 1, 2010.

    I'm confused. So they have an exclusivity contract but they get the videos earlier than other retailers. So am I to understand that when they mention a retailer they do not mean another video rental store?

    Alright, I was wrong. Blockbuster calls itself a retailer so therefore Netflix, Movie Gallery, etc are all considered retailers, too. But, I thought Blockbuster had a exclusivity contract! How is it exclusive if other retailers will get the movies too? Sorry, but to me that doesn't mean exclusive. It only means that Blockbuster gets preferential treatment while other retailers wait a little longer.

    Yes, I know, I'm debating semantics but I find that quote from their website to be atrocious.
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  15. Metrock

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    Thats what I dont understand...
  16. rrose1968

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    I hate to add to this topic again, but I found an example of where it does work. I just rented a copy of "You Kill Me" at the local store today when Netflix and VideoETA both say it releases on 10/9/07.

    The manager's definition here was basically they are suppose to have copies a couple weeks before everyone else (like what I got today) but to him, it basically means But this time it worked.
  17. Metrock

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    On the Blockbuster site it says it releases on 10/09/07, so maybe this is just a in-store thing?