reclock crashes mpc

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    I am using mpc hc 1.7.13 32 bit. I used this guide to set up reclock
    When i start video file mpc crashes, unless i got to external filters double click on reclock audio rednderer and close it. Than it works, i have to do this every time i start mpc, otherwise it crashes. Most peculiar bug indeed. I am new to reclock and don't know much how it works, from another guide yet i have set 24 bit 48000 sampling rate in windows , because it said so, but with 16bit 44.1khz was no difference. I also have monitor on 119.7hz. I am trying to get exact refresh rate as is my fps, but i am not expert on monitor overlocking either.
    Help would be appreaciated.
    EDIT: it is okay now, i had not checked prefer in external settigns.
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