Recent HD-DVD Titles & PDVD 7.3.2911?

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    I want to use PowerDVD 7.3.2911 as long as possible, since it is the last release that permits hardware acceleration to be enabled or disabled plus permits HDD playback (and I get better results in XP with HA disabled).

    Up till now, most titles have played fine with 7.3.2911 and the assistance of AnyDVD HD. However, attempting to play the Japanese or Australian Harry Potter OOTP shuts PowerDVD down once it finishes the introductory FBI warning and Warners logo.

    I've tried setting AnyDVD HD to renumber the highest .XPL (what does this do exactly?), remove first play title (PowerDVD doesn't even get to the introductory warning) and even remove menus, but nothing seems to help. I always remove the prohibitions by default.

    Actually, renumbering the highest .XPL does sometimes permit the Japanese OOTP to play, but the menu is in Japanese, Japanese subtitles are permanently engaged and there seems to be a problem in navigating the menu.

    If I replace PowerDVD 7.3.2911 with 7.3.5516, it all works fine even without AnyDVD HD, except HA is forcibly enabled (resulting in aliasing and worse PQ than software decode) and I can't playback from HDD. Curiously, the Japanese OOTP starts immediately with english menus.

    Does anyone know what it is about these titles that causes problems with PowerDVD 7.3.2911?

    I thought that all the issues would be solved by AnyDVD HD, but it seems that other things are being changed with new title releases that causes issues with older versions of PowerDVD.

    I've tried modifying the .XPL files, but it doesn't seem to help: as soon as I touch the introductory titles, PowerDVD seems to shut down.

    I haven't gone to the drastic step of removing everything, including navigation facilities, except for the elements I want, but it's starting to look like I might have to wield the sledgehammer to crack a nut, as it were.

    Would appreciate an explanation from anyone who knows what's going awry here.

    Can AnyDVD HD help with this, or is it only possible to deal with the DRM aspects (which AnyDVD HD appears to do admirably)?
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    I would say the best thing to do is find out how to configure your video driver properly so it does what you want.

    btw. anti-aliasing deals with how computer generated images (mainly games) are merged together, it wont have anything to do with video playback.