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Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by bleueyes, Feb 3, 2007.

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    Please can any one help, I have downloaded the latest version of anydvd and went to copy movie it got as far at thru the encoding in dvdshrink and when it came to burning it said DVD -Video Files Reallocation failed. also at end of that reading it said Required file VTS_11_).VOB is not present
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    Hi bleueyes
    There's a few movies right now Shrink & AnyDVD don't work on - the ones w/ Sony's latest copy protection like Saw 3 & Open Season.
    So this is more than likely the reason for your error.

    Few options for you -
    • Download CloneDVD (21 day free trial) - AnyDVD's companion.
    • DVD Fab Decrypter link Rip with that then open those files in Shrink
    • RipIt4Me link
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    Yes I have ran into this problem as well on a few movies lately but I used dvd shrink 2.3 to complete the task. I am sure Slysoft is addressing this issue.:;)
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    nero 7

    same happened to me on nero 7. i think the missing files are in the menus or special featyres. they burn fine without.