re-burning a ripped bluray folder to disk to playback on ps3

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by jp2, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. jp2

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    I am trying to burn a bluray folder to a bluray disk so that I can play the disk back on a ps3. I thought I was able to do this in the past but the ps3 does not seem to recognize the disk as a bluray movie. I am just using vista's built in copy of the entire bd movie folder (that I had previously ripped with anydvd hd.) I am selecting udf 2.5. I'm not sure if something has changed because of the new firmware on the ps3 or if I need to use some other sw to burn to the disk. Thanks for any suggestions.
  2. clareman

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    i am running latest and greatest FW and all bdre are still playing...I use nero 7XXX and of course 2.5 and all is well, so yeah something in vista
  3. jp2

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    which app are you using in nero to burn the directory to the bluray disk? When you put the disk into your ps3, how does the ps3 recognize the disk? Do you get menus?
  4. Adbear

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    you just use nero, burn Blu-ray disc, manually set the UDF to 2.5 and then copy over the BDMV and Certificate folder. Thats it. If you've done it right then it should just play (as long as it's not a BD+)
  5. hddvdsupporter

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    Thats right. Works fine !
  6. sfoster4

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    I followed those instructions with the following exception: I also copied the BDSVM folder that anydvd hd had created. The disc played but the play back was extremely jerky in my PS3. Any thoughts?
  7. James

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    AnyDVD doesn't create a BDSVM folder, BD+ does.
  8. DBlockAllDay

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    ok where exactly in nero do we burn these files in i got nero 7 ... I get these options. Thanks in advance

  9. 3r1c

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    BD+ backups wont play on PS3.

    In nero you need to make sure to set "No Multisession" or it wont work, you need to specifically change this, the default setting is no good.
  10. DBlockAllDay

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    i think i got it now its nero rom...another question do i just change the udf and thats it? where it says multisession do i leave it as is? and do they play on the latest ps3 firmware (2.10 I believe) thanks again
  11. kmitalian

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    quick one

    Im doing the same sort of thing,

    i was lucky to get my Sony BDU-200S and I'm trailing to see if i can redo Hairspray into BD25 still containing the DTS-HD Master Track, do u think it will still work?.

    I'm trailing it on a PS3 and i shall give you guys an update on how it goes.

    P.S i don't have a PS3 my cousins do and im going over tomorrow so cross your fingers people!!!!!!

    P.P.S I SO HOPE Slysoft finds a way to make a program to redo a HD-DVD to Blu-Ray very soon that will contain any video and audio intact (That means THD and DTS-HD Master cause i got some HD-DVD's i want to convert over).

    I'm just sick and tired of using diffrent programs atm to convert HD-DVD to Blu-Ray that you have to recompress or worse, getting side stepped!!!.
  12. kmitalian

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    Tried and Tested VC1 Confirmed but NOT ON PS3

    I have tested the theory of demuxing streams and making it on a Blu-Ray via TSRemux.

    It seems that it doesn't work on the PS3 with Hairspray as the stream is VC1, it recognizes it as a Blu-ray Disc but doesnt load up the video BUT.....

    The interesting thing is i tried it on A Pioneer BDP-LX70 and it plays flawlessly.

    Recognizes the disc and plays it back whatever Audio format is on the Disc and outputs it.

    I'm still trailing it with H.264 and seeing if its just the VC1 thats having problems.