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Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by bk1987, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. bk1987

    bk1987 Well-Known Member

    i just wanted to know if its possible to rip blu ray movies to hdd with the ps3, using anydvd hd
  2. Anthony1uk

    Anthony1uk Well-Known Member

    I would like to know this too.

    As in something like USB mounting the entire PS3 as a virtual PC Blu-Ray drive and then using AnyDVDHD to rip the contents of a disk inside a PS3.
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  3. MickJT

    MickJT Well-Known Member

    Yes, you can. Fire up Linux on the PS3, and mount a samba share on the Windows machine as a folder using mount.cifs, then use "dd" to rip from the drive to an .iso in that folder.
  4. Anthony1uk

    Anthony1uk Well-Known Member

    This sounds very promising.

    One further question. If I am using Linux inside the PS3 to access the files on a blu-ray disk to then rip the disks contents to another hard drive.

    Would I be able to rip the files from a Blu-ray of another region and containing BD+ via this method.

    So say for example I have a UK BD-B PS3. And I bought a US BD-A Fox Blu-Ray with region coding and BD+.

    Obviously I couldn't watch it straight away like this. But would I be able to access the files of the Blu-Ray disk inside Linux on my BD-B PS3. Transfer them to an external USB hard drive (or even on my of PC's hard drive) using this Samba share method. Then fire up my PC, connet up this external hard drive and then use AnyHDDVD on my PC to then remove all of the rubbish Fox puts on these disks, i.e the region coding, HDCP and BD+ to then transfer it back to my PS3 and play it back perfectly.

    If so it looks like I am buying a UK PS3 this xmas :D
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  5. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    No, you can't transfer the files back to the PS3 for playback. But you can watch them on the PC....

    My advice: get a XBOX360 HD DVD drive for you PC, and avoid the BD+ and Region Code rubbish altogether.
  6. Anthony1uk

    Anthony1uk Well-Known Member

    Thanks for this James.

    I already have an Ep30 which I am happy with. And just bought 20 HD-DVD movies for Christmas. Plus I am getting 7 free with the machine.

    However quite a few of my favorite moves, Robocop, Die Hard, The Fly, Alien, French Connection, are Fox only.

    I only wish they would come out region free onto HD-DVD. And I am lothed to go through all this rigmoral that Sony and Fox wants just to get one of these Fox disks to play.

    So when you say I cant transfer it back to the PS3. Why would this be, is it solely because of the BD+ or another reason?.

    Also could I take this as conformation of my first, and most crucial, question in that I could access via a UK PS3 linux and transfer to an external hard drive region protected Blu-Rays of another region than that of my PS3 drive and then use AnyDVDHD onto the contents of this hard drive?.

  7. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Retired Moderator

    Because the PS3 has absolutely no idea how to play Blu-ray from the hard drive, either as a folder or as an ISO. The "best" you can do is burn it to a blank BD-R, but, that's only good if it doesn't have BD+ on it. Since you mentioned a bunch of Fox titles you can bet that you'll run into BD+ sooner or later. Also, there is no player in Linux that will support BD playback, either, so, mounting the image there won't help. Also, currently there's not support for the "good" video hardware in Linux on the PS3, so, it's likely that playback even if it worked would be less than ideal. I personally rip them from the PS3 onto an external NTFS formatted hard drive and then mount the ISO on my HTPC. Works great.

    Theoretically that should work most of the time. AnyDVD HD doesn't always get the region correct, so, in some cases you'll have to set it manually, but, in a lot of cases that has been said to work. I don't have any BD's outside of my region at this point. HD DVD is so much better in that regard. ;)
  8. ArcticFox

    ArcticFox Member

    You can rip using the PS3 but im having problems getting the ISOs to decrypt using anydvd hd.
  9. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Retired Moderator

    What kind of problems? The last one I tried, Fantastic Four RotSS which is BD+, worked fine. No issues at all.
  10. ArcticFox

    ArcticFox Member

    AnyDVD HD says its removed the AACS but the image wont play in powerdvd.

    How did you rip the disc and how did you mount it>
  11. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Retired Moderator

  12. ArcticFox

    ArcticFox Member

    Thats what ive done with hotel babylon but im struggling to play it back ive tried windvd and multiple powerdvd versions.
  13. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Retired Moderator

    That's odd. I'm not sure what could be going on there. I've tried it with a few of my Blu-rays and haven't had any problems. It works brilliantly. I assume you're using AnyDVD HD and are letting it use the update server?
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  14. MickJT

    MickJT Well-Known Member

    Anthony1UK, I didn't read your original question properly.

    You want to actually use AnyDVD HD to do the ripping, not just rip to an iso using Linux on the PS3.

    Infact, you can do what you want, using something called "iSCSI". You can mount the PS3 drive on your PC.

    Though i've never bothered to do it.

    Mounting the ISO in Daemon Tools and ripping it with AnyDVD HD does exactly the same thing. Keep in mind, in both methods AnyDVD can't send some certain commands to the drive to retrieve keys, but this has been pretty much obsoleted now by AnyDVD using a remote database.
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  15. ArcticFox

    ArcticFox Member

    Yes im using the latest version.
  16. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Retired Moderator

    In that case I would enable logging and post the log in the Blu-ray titles that don't work thread to see if there's an issue with that title. Explain fully that this is a PS3 ISO rip in your post. Other than that, I really don't know what could be wrong. If other titles are working, then it's something strange about this particular one.
  17. ArcticFox

    ArcticFox Member

    I already did but Slysoft say there are too many variables to support decrypting isos.
  18. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Retired Moderator

    Ack. Well, I guess that's the answer for now then. Sorry it doesn't work. :(