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Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by zapper, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. zapper

    zapper Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately it seems that HD-DVD war is almost over with every movie Studio jumping on BR (could be politically $) any way’s for us left with the Toshiba HD player is their any way to convert or download a HD movie to our home PC? With any programs that are on the web such as the Bill Torrent software or any other software etc.
  2. SwollenGoat

    SwollenGoat Member

    Not with the Toshiba standalone. However, I have my entire HD DVD collection ripped and unencrypted on a media server from which I can play anywhere in the house, and not have to even mess around with the physical media. You'll need an HD DVD drive for your computer (e.g. the Xbox drive) and Slysoft's AnyDVD HD.
  3. zapper

    zapper Well-Known Member

    Had the Xbox and have AnyDVDHD, wouldn't a Hd burner be help full, otherwise how could I burn it on a drive????
  4. knobber

    knobber Active Member

    it isnt over yet, hd-dvd players right now are selling like hotcakes since the price drop.... plus by the time its all said and done, blu players should be cheaper so i am not in a rush to get one....
  5. zapper

    zapper Well-Known Member

    Nice move by sitting on the bench, have seen BR burners for $399 and HD for $499, to bad it wasn't $299 but could be throwing bad money after bad money, if you know what I mean.

    With ANYDVDHD and a HD burner, that is all we need, iF tosh was smart it would lower all the Players as they are planning and have a HD burner for $250 or $299 and they will bury BR. , my opinion.
  6. YaniD

    YaniD Well-Known Member

    HD-DVD writer would need to be dual or triple layer to be worthwhile: single layer HD-DVD media would be next to useless as they are scarcely better capacity than dual-layer DVD.

    It would also be important for HD-DVD to match or better still, exceed BD-RE capacities and this means dual layer 30GB and triple layer 51GB.
  7. zapper

    zapper Well-Known Member

    Here is where I sort of get lost, BR disk have a larger GB on them, yet when you compare the HD movies most state that they are about the same as far as PQ, so what is the advantage on BR having a larger GB disk
  8. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Retired Moderator

    Uncompressed LPCM audio tracks mostly. Sometimes there's a higher video bitrate, as well. But usually the extra space that the BD people love to throw in the face of HD DVD supporters is used for uncompressed audio and........MORE TRAILERS. YEY! Thanks, Disney!! I really NEED _10_ trailers before I can watch Ratatouille on Blu-ray. Cause, you know, trailers rock. cough cough. :)
  9. zapper

    zapper Well-Known Member

    That is what I thought but the person making the trailers are enjoying their fortune in making them, if anything it employs more Holywood RATS.:bowdown:
  10. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Retired Moderator

    ROFLMAO! I suppose that is one way of looking at it. :D I just find it annoying that they don't allow you to hit your menu button to get to the menu and skip them all. You have to sit there and hit next, next, next, etc. Give me a break! Of course, with a ripped ISO of your Blu-ray, that restriction is gone. I think James should look into why this is and replicate it for disc playback in AnyDVD HD. He's got nothing better to do right now. :D (I'm ducking now before he sees that comment ;))
  11. zapper

    zapper Well-Known Member

    He, he that is the way things are.:agree:
  12. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Retired Moderator

    Oh well. I'm not giving up HD now that I've gone to it. I was just telling someone today that I haven't bought a DVD since Blade House of Chthon came out. That was what, September? :D I've been amassing a ton of HD DVD and Blu-ray's though. I'll be watching Close Encounters of the Third Kind tonight. I also have the Resident Evil trilogy that I picked up cheap. (Gift cards from Xmas rock). So, even if we're stuck with crappy trailers, I still prefer HD.
  13. zapper

    zapper Well-Known Member

    Haven't bought a Hd disk in a long time, have a total of about 10 or so and the best one was king Kong and the Transformer, Just joined Blockbuster but they have gone the BR way reason for going with BB is the oppurtunity to get a fast Disk from the store. Thinking of joining Netflix with the $5 offer so I can watch a few more HD-DVD, it's just a thought in the event That Tosh HD goes belly up and do not want to hold a lot of disk,
  14. clareman

    clareman Well-Known Member

    would be interested to know how big that media server is :)

    I am at the 20 terabyte mark and still running out of room!