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  1. I've been using another product for years and years that works more as a capture solution. I had to be careful when capturing something to not run processor, graphic or network intensive processes otherwise the end result would capture buffering or jittering. Is that a concern with AnyStream? While It's downloading streams can I run video encoding processes without it affecting the downloaded stream quality?

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    There's only 1 way to know for sure, but I doubt there would be any negative impact. AnyStream is a straight up downloader that grabs the stream directly from the CDN as it's being fed it. There's no encoding going on. Gpu or otherwise.

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  3. Thank you @Ch3vr0n, your response was slightly helpful with a hint of "figure it out yourself" attitude.
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    No attitude at all. Just saying that, besides anything we can tell you, there really is only 1 way to be sure. And that is to try it, that's all. But since no encoding is going on, I really doubt there's going to be any negative impact.

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    If it's helpful, I have run AnyStream, downloading from both Amazon and Netflix, while also doing a Blu-Ray conversion in CloneBD.

    With no impact.

    You may however, have different results. It's possible.

    So, probably is better to run a test.

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    AnyStream does not mess with the stream (neither audio nor video). The only thing that makes the process different from a regular download is the decryption procedure. The worst that may happen is that the download speed may decrease (if AnyStream gets too little of the CPU time), but that should not affect the output file quality in any way.
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    On this vein what happens if internet is interrupted, can AS pick back up or must it start over?
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    AnyStream will 'finish' the download. As in it won't create a playable mp4 file, but it will be incomplete. You will have to start over, it currently has no resume function and no such feature has been requested yet either.

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