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Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by grizzlyhero, Jan 25, 2008.

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    This is a question more aimed at Webslinger. Do you know if this new update fixes the way CloneDVD handles the layer break? I know it says it does, but I am more wondering if it compares to CloneCD and keeps the break in tact. If it does then that is great! Your response is much appreciated!
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    No. Clonedvd always remasters. DVDShrink, Nero Recode, etc.--these programs will also not retain the original layer break position.

    Clonedvd is a reauthoring/remastering program that uses a transcoder. These types of programs can not retain the original layer break position no matter what. That includes Nero Recode, DvdShrink, and Clonedvd. They remaster. As such they cannot retain the same sectors as on the original disc.

    Really the only difference between Clonecd and Clonedvd in terms of the layer break position is that Clonedvd changes the layer break position to be close to end of the the last chapter on the first layer. The only difference will be where you notice the pause (layer break change) occurring during play back.
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    Thanks for the answer! When I first downloaded the programs, I was using CloneDVD (Verbatim DVD+R DL) and when I went to watch the movie it kept freezing at the layer break. I tried a couple different movies several times and tried playing back from a couple different DVD players to no avail. After talking with you I started using CloneCD and it worked perfectly. I dont remember if I was changing the booktype though to DVD ROM. I don't think at the time my burner allowed me to. Since then I bought an external one. I did email Slysoft about it way back and they replied that CloneDVD was exactly like CloneCD and that there is no difference. So it's nice to see them acknowledge there is now a problem.
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    Well, Elaborate Bytes develops Clonedvd--not Slysoft. Slysoft develops Clonecd.

    And both programs have never handled the layer break in exactly the same manner. That's not a bug--but by design. Clonecd is a 1:1 sector copier. Clonedvd remasters. Clonedvd changes the layer break position to be around close to the last chapter on the first layer (from what I can tell).

    There was a problem that I discovered when Anydvd first implemented its A.I. scanner. Suddenly, Clonedvd was reporting issues involving layer break removal. That has now been addressed.
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    Would it make a big different between the book types? If I copied a movie from CloneDVD and the booktype was DVD DL and they all froze near the end of the movie, would it make much difference if they were DVD ROM? My players are both about 4 years old (both sony and one was a $700 system). When I used CloneCD and booktype DVD DL they all played no problem. Since then, like I said earlier, the drive I use to copy mostly all now automatically sets it to DVD ROM.
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    Yeah, quite possibly, depending on your standalone dvd player. Really the difference is that Clonecd retains the original layer break position (so the pause while playing will occur at the exact same time as on the original disc). In Clonedvd that pause will occur at another point.

    Also Clonecd will backup PC files (screensavers, wallpaper, etc.) that may appear as bonus features on the original disc. Clonedvd won't.