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    I just tried to purchase the AnyDVDHD package. I've been using it already for a decade I think.

    Anyway, I must have key a number in wrongly, because for the first time in my life, my debit card was rejected, and I received a notice that the transaction didn't go through.

    I immediately called my bank, Wells Fargo, who then blocked that particular transaction from being completed, in case the Chinese transaction company processing the order tried some funny stuff (which I've been reading on these posts has happened to quite a few folks already), and the bank verified my debit card was working.

    So, I went back to try a second time. I selected the Red Fox program I wanted to purchase, and instead of going from Section One to Section Two and Three...I went directly to Section Four, which just said my transaction couldn't be completed.

    Now, I probably keyed in the wrong number, but for some reason, now the Red Fox site won't allow me the opportunity to try to make the purchase a second time

    In addition, when I first tried to make this purchase more than a month back, I received a notice from the financial company processing the orders for Red Fox that they were tacking on 25% of the transaction cost for themselves. I decided not to purchase at that time, as nothing was ever mentioned on the Red Fox sites about paying a third party an extra 25% for downloading the key. I even alerted Red Fox to this by email.

    Can you please tell me what I need to do in order to place my order for ANYDVDHD on the 2nd try?

    Many thanks
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    clear your browser cache and try again or try the following link. It should force a new order https://shop.redfox.bz/checkout.php?neworder=1 The payment processor does not add another 25% on top of the transaction cost. What MAY happen is that YOUR local bank adds a foreign currency exchange cost on top (usually no more than 4%) for converting EUR into whatever currency you have. That 4% goes to your bank, not redfox or the payment processor.
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    Thank you for your suggestion. I will try it out.