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Discussion in 'Purchase and License Keys' started by Dryst, Jun 3, 2019.

  1. Dryst

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    I entered all accurate information into the order page for AnyDVD. As soon as I attempt to place an order, I receive a page that states order not processed:

    Reference #16613025 was rejected: -993: Refused

    I also receive an email claiming that my bank blocked the charge. Here's the thing though-- I call my bank and they show no trace of a purchase attempt even being submitted to them let alone blocked. I originally purchased a lifetime license for CloneBD and CloneDVD at elby.ch. This worked without issue, and I received my license keys. I next attempted to order only AnyDVD, and I run into this issue. It seems to be on your end, because my bank is never even receiving the charge request.

    Can someone fix?
  2. Dryst

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    I am reading all over this forum of everyone running into this exact same problem. No -- I am not using bitcoins. Consider using the same method for credit card processing that elby.ch uses (2Checkout), because it works perfectly with zero issues.
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    They can't, cause redfox are 'outlaws' because they deal in decryption tools. If it was that simple they would have done so a long time ago

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    Understood. It is what it is from past experiences, which is unfortunate.

    What I can state from my own experience is I have been purchasing licenses to use both DVD and BluRay decryption software using my credit card since 2010. When I look now in 2019, the same copy is still around and still able to accept credit cards for purchases. I am not sure how they figured out how to make it work, but somehow they did.
  5. Jill

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    We are sorry. We only get the same error message for your two failed order attempts and no further insight. If your bank claims they do not even see the charge, there is often a hiccup in the redirect to the "3D Secure" servers (Verified by Visa/MasterCard Secure Code). This can be caused by an actual blockage in the redirect (firewall, browser plug-ins, anti-virus software...), or it can happen if the card itself does not participate in this security scheme.