PSP, glitchy video near end of long movie

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by anderdea, Sep 16, 2007.

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    PSP with version 3.4 firmware.
    Since I started using the new CloneDVD Mobile that allows for higher resolutions, I have had a consistant problem with glitchy video near the end of the movie. It has happend on all of the Lord of the Rings (3) DVD's, and other movies I have encoded using the latest CDM software update. I have encoded directly to the 4GB memory card with the PSP hooked to my computer. I have also encoded it directly to my computers hard drive and then transferred it to the PSP. It doesn't seem to matter if I use single pass or multiple passes. If I fast forward the PSP to where I know the glitching starts, it's there, so it's not a matter of running the PSP for a long time. If I use an mp4 player like Quicktime, it plays with no problem from the computers hard drive. When I was using the lower res (can't remember the exact numbers, something X 202) the DVD's had no glitches at all.
    Has anyone else been experiencing this issue?