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PSP 480x272 encode > Unsupported Format

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by Fijahh, Jun 2, 2007.

  1. Fijahh

    Fijahh New Member

    Hi all,

    I noticed to my delight that the new version of CloneDVD Mobile just released supports the new 480x272 AVC video mode for the PSP, so I went and encoded a DVD in this format. When I copied the files to the PSP and went to play them back however, the PSP said the files were in an 'Unsupported format' and refused to play them back. I see in the release notes something about 'Firmware 3.03 OE' or something, that sounds like a hacked firmware to me... Why isn't the video encoded in 480x272 correctly for 3.30+ legal firmware?
  2. davbo7

    davbo7 Member

    Ditto, I can't get a video encode to work at the 480x272 resolution.
  3. razielx

    razielx Member


    It will only work if you put the file in the: MP_ROOT\101ANV01\
    and name it something like: MAQ10001.mp4

    On the other hand, I have noticed that the sound is off sync worse than And CloneDVD Mobile has yet to implement AVC Level=2.1 encoding.

    AVC Level=2.1 is crucial toward getting video to run under the: "VIDEO" directory. Also, a JPG thumbnail instead of the old school THM file.

    All CloneDVD Mobile needs to be superior over its competition is to add the following:

    AVC Level 2.1 encoding
    Better Audio to Video Sync
    JPG thumb for PSP users

    Its funny how its impossible to find the perfect solution for DVD to PSP for 3.40 firmware users. It all has to go through PSP Video 9 at some point. Slightly frustrating.
  4. anderdea

    anderdea Active Member

    "It will only work if you put the file in the: MP_ROOT\101ANV01\
    and name it something like: MAQ10001.mp4"

    I tried setting up a root directory as you suggested but still couldn't get my PSP (vsn 3.4) to recognise the file (MAQ10004.mp4) as a playable file.
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2007
  5. phasechange

    phasechange Member

    how are you PSP guys getting on with this? I've been watching CloneDVD mobile for some time waiting for this support. When it's working I'll buy until then it's another software suite that I'll stick to.

    What's working and what's not?

  6. razielx

    razielx Member

    Being a PSP FW3.40 user, I have gotten along quite well without CloneDVD Mobile. Its concept was great, but not for my particular usage. DVDFab Platinum works best.

    My quick poorman's guide if you will:

    Run AnyDVD
    Run DVDShrink
    In preferences make sure that "split VOB files to 1GB chunks" is not checked.
    A single DVD sized VOB file will be extracted
    Run PSP Video 9 and convert the entire file.........takes a while
    I always change the profile's audio to 500% so it can be enjoyed loudly on PSP speakers.

    Hope this helps.

    P.S. quite a few DVD do not sync properly with this technique, such as The Incredibles. The way around it is quite tricky, for example, extract iso image with CloneDVD2 with only one angle and no menu and subtitles and then follow steps above. Minus AnyDVD of course. Being that you would have done that with CloneDVD2 the first time.
  7. lablvrz

    lablvrz New Member

    unsupported data

    As a new PSP owner, this is the only SS product I wish I had passed on. :mad:
  8. Yep, this product is poor, and the support worse. They blame Quicktime for unplayable videos.