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probs in usind DVD-R media

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by spudjoe4, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. spudjoe4

    spudjoe4 New Member

    Hello all! My Clone DVD works GREAT in putting the image onto the hard drive, BUT when I put in blank media for transfer, for past 2-3 wks(I've had Clone DVD for about 1 year with upgrades when released, along with AnyDVD), i go thru oftentimes 4-5 blank DVD's before copy is successful! Error mssg reads in part : writing unsuccessful, media write error, probably caused by bad media.. replace.." I have most "bad" luck with Sony DVD-R's, but now also having probs with TDK brand too... Is it the DVD brand, or is something else to blame?? Appreciate your "heads" on this matter! Frustrating! thanks
  2. b1030

    b1030 Well-Known Member

    Oh yea! Good media is crucial!! Forget about all the crap media and try Taiyo Yuden. They produce shiny silver for thermal printing, white injet printable to the hub and silver inkjet printable to 42mm. The absolute most dependable media on the planet. For compatability I used DVD-R, but many like DVD+R.
    Cheapest place to order online is:
    Costs a little more but unless you are producing custom coasters with TDK, these will save you a bundle in the long run.
    Hope this helps,
  3. b1030

    b1030 Well-Known Member

    Forgot to mention, make sure you have latest firmware for your burner and burn at a slower speed. Many say to burn at half the speed allowed, but I never burn faster than 4X. 99.9% flawless back-ups.
  4. Dvd failing

    What the people have said above is true burning at a lower speed does help alot and almost always works but if you try that and it still isn't working. I would try seeing how many things you have running and how much ram you have. Also check for spy ware and viruses as they can make dvd burning not work correctly. Should have around 25-32 processes running in the back ground if its more than that its killing your buffer for burning.

    good luck
  5. spudjoe4

    spudjoe4 New Member

    Appreciate greatly all your suggestions, and i haver already decreased the write speed of the burner, plus checked for firmware updates. I'll wait a few days more to see what other members have suggested, but these ideas are very helpful. Reminds me as an intern/resident, where the staff physicians and other residents would put their heads together in making sense of a patient's symptoms to come up with a diagnosis and treatment plan... well, this is almost like that, minus. of course , any xrays, lab tests, and the like........at least there is no need here to start IV's!!!!!:::) :)
  6. sockeye

    sockeye Well-Known Member

    :) Sony and TDK do not make their own media, so what you actually get is a crap shoot.
    Verbatim is a good quality media (particularly, 16X +R which is MCC 004) that is easy generally easy to aquire locally, or the Taiyo, as mentioned above is excellent. (watch out for fake)
    Latest firmware for your burner is very important, especially when going to new faster media.
    Sometimes specific burner,media combinations will warrant a slight reduction in burn speeds, but the burn as slow as you can method, is an urban myth. Comparisons of disk quality at different burn speeds, with programs such as Nero CD-DVD Speed, have proven this to not be the case, especially with the newer higher speed burners and media available today.
    Multi tasking, or having to many applications running in the background, can also interrupt the flow of data to your burner. EndItAll is a freeware program that makes it easy to shut down unnesesary apps prior to burning.
    Bottom line.......
    Update firmware
    Use good media
    Do Not multi task while burning, and turn off anything not needed to burn.
    Hope this helps. :)
  7. lakerat

    lakerat New Member

    I just went threw the same crap.

    My two year old burner was the problem.