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problem to back up dvd.Anydvd read error


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Aug 31, 2007
I got the lastest version od anydvd try to backup a dvd I just bought today(the dvd is in Vietnamese language and the title of the dvd is Paris By Night 89).When I inserted the dvd in dvd drive F and tried to backup this dvd using Nero recode via dvd burner drive E.Anydvd scaned the disk but Nero recode was unable to backup due to read error"THE READ FAILED BEFORE THE SECTOR IS ENCRYPTED".I also noticed that there is a sub folder with the words'DDMManager' belown the main folder 'disk 1' and then other sub folders such as 'VIDEO TS'...I wonder is this a new technique of encryption.Any one has encountered similar problem.I would like to lean if anyone could fix this problem.