Problem playing "The Guardian" from hard drive

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by eraser2002, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. eraser2002

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    Hi all,

    i purchased my first blu-ray - The Guardian UK version and Pioneer BDC-S02 drive. I installed latest AnyDVD and when i inserted disk it scanned and then i managed to rip to hard drive.

    I got PowerDVD 3319f but when i try and open folder from hard drive it says "Disk is not inserted" error message :doh:

    The film plays fine from disk and does not seem to have BD+ as theres no BDSVM folder on the disk?

    Any ideas anyone

  2. eraser2002

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    I downgraded to older version 3304 and thats removed the error, but now im getting powerdvd saying "incompatible graphics driver" when i try and load a hddvd or blu-ray bah!

    i installed overscan compensation on my graphics card as it doesnt line up the screen properly on my plasma tv but i think this affects HDCP

    does anyone know a way round the problem

  3. Bill101

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    Are you trying to use your tv as the secondary display with your computer monitor as the primary display?If so,I don`t think it will work that way because of DRM issues.If I remember correctly,You need to set your tv as the primary display.
  4. eraser2002

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    Thanks mate, it must have been something to do with that cause its playing now.

    Must say comparing the picture quality on my blu-ray disks using PowerDVD, and HD-DVD using XBox 360 or PC based - i think HD-DVD win hands down.

    Id like to get a copy of a film on both formats to compare like for like