Problem encoding certain episodes from DVD for PSP

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    Hi, I recently purchased an anime DVD (Le Chevalier D'eon Volume 4), and decided to convert all 4 episodes it contains to AVC to play on my PSP. The problem I'm having is weird, the first and fourth episodes won't play on my PSP but the second and third do play. The ones that won't play also won't play correctly on my laptop, all I get is a black screen with sound. I converted them on another pc and this time the files played correctly on the pc but would not play on my PSP.
    I converted each episode the exact same way, I used the 480x272 resolution and I put each video in the VIDEO folder. I don't get the 'unsupported video/file' error when I try to play it; I see the file on my PSP but when I try to play it, it won't. I can't remember exactly what the error message is, sorry. I'm using the current Sony firmware and the current CloneDVD mobile version. Any help would be great, thanks in advance.

    edit: The error message I get on my PSP is 'This video cannot be played.'
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