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Discussion in 'GameJackal' started by bk2, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. bk2

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    I have three of Prima Pictures DVD based anatomy atlas products (func. ana., Ana. for Acup. and Ana. trains). These are SecureRom 7 protected programs that basically has a type of 3D picture interface for viewing various body locations and watching one of a series of quick time videos

    I want to back these up, by using GameJackal so I do not have to use the disks. I have read through most of the descriptions of it, but there is something I do not see described. Does Game Jackal copy files from the CD (pictures and videos) to the hard disk and if so, how does it know which pictures and videos to copy unless I browse through each and every one during profile creation?

    Is there another "tack" on how to use GameJackal for these type of products?
  2. matthew

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    Game Jackal does not copy files for the CD/DVD. However, you could try creating a GJ profile with image mode selected, this will create an image of the CD/DVD on the hard drive.
  3. bk2

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    So, you recommend me to use the image option to avoid using any CD at all during normal operation - at the expense of disk space.

    If I would like not to use up that space, could I make a profile without "image" option, and use a self made copy of the Dvd which the program would use for picture and video access?
  4. matthew

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    Without knowing how this software works, I'm not sure if that will work. All I can suggest is that you give it a go with the trial version.
  5. bk2

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    No - it did only work if I used your image suggestion. Otherwise, it complains about the disk being invalid - meaning that GJ does not do anything for me in that manner, whihc I do not understand since, using the image option, it must do pretty much the same thing with Securom as I would like it to do for the dvd?

    I have a number of similar programs that I want to be able to run, so keeping the image around on my C disk is quite hopeless. You said GJ stores an image of the disk. Is it possible to move this image to another medium (DVD, flash, external harddisk)? Where is the image located, can I just move it and how do I set the profile to pick it up in the new location?
  6. matthew

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    It's not possible to change the profile library location. The only solution I could see would be to install GJ on the external drive, then by default all profile data would be stored on that drive.
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    Yes, that would be a possibility. Of course, that requires ALL my programs to be installed on that same external medium. And GJ would be required to be installed only on that medium.

    So my obvious improvement suggestion is to separate the imgae location from the profile location in the next release.
  8. bk2

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    OK - I installed two of my anatomy systems on my PC and it worked well.

    I then decided I wanted on one of my other PCs instad. The one where everything works is XP SP2 Pro English version. The other is the same but Norwegian.

    I installed Game JAckal in the same manner, but this time it does not work (image is taken and all that, but despite this, it still reacts with either that it does not find the dvd within the time limit or it says it cannot find the original CD/DVD.

    I copied the Jackal Key generated from the first installation when installing on the second, so I did not have to remember two different keyes. I later read that the keys are machine dependent, so I assume that one reason for it not to work could be that the key is invalid, but I thought Game JAckal would complain - not the game?

    Anyway, I uninstalled everything and tried reinstalling, but when reinstalling GameJackal reestablishes the key, so I cannot reset/regereate it. What else can be the reason for this to work on one but not the other PC?
  9. bk2

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    Oh - I forgot. The first machine uses Trend, the other Norton as antivirus. Just in case it makes a difference.
  10. bk2

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    Oh - and on elast thing (sorry it is late). When trying to build a profile on the second machine, one of the programs cannot start correctly. Securom complains about not finding the original disk.

    The second machine also has its hard drive partitioned into two disks runnning the DVD as E:, whereas the first has only one hard disk C: and a DVD as D:. But during profile generation the correct letter is coming up (and it worked for one of the programs ???)
  11. bk2

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    I finally succeeded - somewhat. I first tried installing 577 beta. Profiling with this, made GJ jump directly to image copying - without ever starting the game???

    Uninstall/reinstall of 570 and 3 profilings of the first game (and 2 of the second), eventually succeeded starting it without the CD. It came up complaining not being able to find all the image materials and videos.

    Fortunately, it asked for an alternative location, so I copied the entire DVD onto the harddisk and pointed to program to this location after which it worked.

    Closer inspection shows that GJ has not taken an image copy of the disk - as on the first PC where everything is working, despite specyfying it in the profile parameters.

    Does anyone have an idea of what is going on here?